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November 15, 2011
Great style, texture and palette: Sometimes Coincidence by ~eugeniaclara
Featured by ChewedKandi
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Sometimes Coincidence

"Sometimes coincidence is a plan in disguise"
- Linda Poindexter

Yes, sometimes. We can plan something and call it coincidence ;)

As usual, use no font, the text was written by hand,
using adobe Ideas, editing in photoshop.

also here [link] and here [link]


Sincerely Yours,
Eugenia Clara Fendri
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BottledFirefly's avatar
Love the colours, and the writing :)! Well done.
Buando's avatar
I like it. It looks great!
Davidpoet30's avatar
i love this its awesome
JoeMerl's avatar
WHDesign's avatar
HAHA! cleverr indeed
Salkarin-Rae's avatar
Oh, my god do I love this so much. I'm a paranoid bitch so coincidence and bullshit are two twins I know very well.
I love it when a plan comes together, though.
The colours, darker and sneakier on coincidence and disguise, and the highlight on plan, it just looks so... real, so true. Love it ^_^
goRillA-iNK's avatar
I love the whole thing.
Your execution, in this style of Typography is perfectly perfect. :heart:
MetarsusDemented's avatar
Varaquesh's avatar
Like when someone meets you in a store that they don't eve go in and they go "Oh what a coincidence!"

Pft yeah right.
LeadHeart787's avatar
Lol, this is great <3

machmaste's avatar
RudobikuKatsuyo's avatar
Usually, girls create the "coincidence"... But I'm a guy and I plan coincidences everytime... and it almost never works. :iconcrycryplz:
Anyway, I love this. This deserves the DD, yeah.

And... I'll try something. Make a "coicidence" and later intentionnally tell the girl it wasn't one. YEEEEAAAAH LET'S TRY A NEW WAY TO DO. I'm sure it won't even work either. :squee:
eugeniaclara's avatar
Excuse me? I know nothing about Eugenics Movement.
Eugenia is my first name and I have nothing to do or even related to that eugenics thing.
You such an ignorant.
phantomreflection's avatar
"You such an ignorant."

Ignorant is not a noun.
eugeniaclara's avatar
whatever, I learn english from Family Guy. And I was quoting Cleveland Brown.
Scunosi's avatar
What are you talking about? The artist's name is just Eugenia, the feminine form of Eugene, and the quote is apparently from some Catholic lady. What's that got to do with Eugenics? =/
phantomreflection's avatar
wow, its nice to know that you describe people in terms of their religion
Scunosi's avatar
Linda Poindexter->Google->Results. Was just giving you a reference as to me this quote screams religion. You were just being ignorant, now stop trolling.
collision-combustion's avatar
Where did you get that from?
phantomreflection's avatar
"Some times a coincidence is a plan in disguise"? Think about that in terms of the goals of eugenics.

Also, her name just *happens* to be Eugenia? Give me a break.
Axe-Cell's avatar
Well, it is easy to fake a surprise in both conditions, no? ;)
I like how you'd added a brighter colour to the word 'plan' to stress the word out of your mouth mind. Really deserves the DD for the meaning it has. :nod:
schatzi333221's avatar
This makes me sad.
It's true.
I wonder how many times 'he' just thought it was a coincidence. ><
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