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By EugeneCh
Original story:
Ikai Maken Densetzu (Magic Dagger from Another Universe:MDAU) by QP/Diana
Chapter 1 Zelgadiss disappeared

This is a scrap-quality fancomic based on the QP/Diana's famous fanfic, MDAU.
MDAU is available only in Japanese and Korean. [link] The translated version has been one of the most popular fanfics in Korea. Also one of my favorite fics.

As for now, there's no way to communicate with QP sama T.T If QP sama doesn't like, I'll remove this from my gallery.

I'll draw MDAU like a daily practice of fancomic. There may be a lot of skipping scenes, grammar mistakes, and strange expressions due to 'Japanese->Korean->English' translations. But, I wanted to introduce the fanfic to western Slayers fans.

The setting of the story is in between vol.12 and Vol.13 of the original Slayers novel. So Luke and Milina are still with Lina and Gourry. The fanfic includes Z/A, Z/L, Z/X...Actually, everybody loves Zel ;)

I aim to cost shortest time for introducing the story--Again, sorry for scrap quality. Hope you enjoy this.

Next [link]
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panna: what a beautiful place um where  exactly are we

wizardmon: oh come on panna you know where we are

panna: (she gave it a though) oh stormewind right

ryan: well it took you a while to figure that out girl it's been a long time since we've seen by the way wheres haku?

panna: hmm got know clue but at lest your here let get to the point why i'm here haku and I where heading to a city called seyruun uh i thinks that the name of the city?
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Dat flower... XD
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I love it!!! I love every thing you create :)
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I can't believe I forgot to comment this page, Xelloss's comment about Lina having something to do with Dynast just made me laugh. lol
Though I must say I've never heard of Dynast being referred to The Supreme King, is that mention in the novels or something? (As I've only read fan translations of Novels 9, 10 and 11, I've yet to find the rest)
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Umm, The original name of Dynast is "Ha-Ou" and old fans translated it into the Supreme King. Not sure if there is official English name of Ha-Ou. Despite the great name, he's on the same level with Phibrizzo, Zeras, Dolphin and Gaav(before) ;)
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Ah, that explains it then. I knew he's on the same level as he's 1 of the 5 Mazoku Lords, just never had heard of him referred to as that in the little bit of research I had to work with while writing my own Slayers story ^^
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Uh-oh, this will be great ^^... I wish i know Japanese or Korean TT.TT
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Thank you :) I wish I knew Polish, too ;)
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