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I'm still managing to make art, just not in the quantities that I used to.  Although, I've never been particularly good at updating this site.  I've been attempting to submit shirt designs to Woot's Derby contest, so maybe I'll be posting a bit more frequently.
...since my last post.  I haven't had much time to draw since I've become a mother.  My daughter is now one year old and I've finally managed to find the time to do some artwork.  Maybe I'll begin posting more often.
Wow, thanks so much for all the compliments.

I am so bad at updating this site. But, I am getting better with some other sites. Feel free to check out my daily comic blog or my bento-obsessed food blog.

I actually do update the comic blog nearly everyday.

I've also completely revamped my website but most of the artwork is just a repeat of what I have posted here.

Thank you to everyone who has commented or made me a friend!  All comments are greatly appreciated.

Now, I know this may seem premature as I am  new memeber.....but

Would anyone be interested in commissions?

If so please e-mail me, I'd love to work with you.   Tell your friends!