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Shovel Knight: Boss Fight vs Reize

This is a commission by :iconseizui: for his character, Reize Seatlan, who will be featured in the upcoming video game by former members of Wayforward, now called Yacht Club Games: Shovel Knight, a spiritual successor to the Megaman series funded through Kickstarter.

Reize Seatlan will be one of the bosses for the game.

Shovel Knight facebook page: [link]
Reize Seatlan's character page: [link]
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Wait, so Raize/Reize was actually someone else's character? How fun!
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Haha, I just beat your character in Shovel Knight! He was an awesome boss fight! Wish he appears again in the sequel!
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Hahahah, thanks. Only the artist saw it. I only caught it because I noticed it had 13 messages instead of 12. It would be neat, but I doubt I will have him in more than once. I try to keep it a one time thing for my whole 'wanderer' deal. Who knows? :D
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Maybe Reize will fight "The Baz" next! :P
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Hahhaa, who knows?
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freaking amazing work, the pose and shading are stunning! very dynamic :D
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This is a great commission and I thank you for doing this! I should also clarify, upon re-reading. Reize will be a secret (mini-?)boss, not one of the main bosses. That's reserved for the Order of No Quarter! :D
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It' kind of funny that that guy is a boss character and shovel knight is the protagonist, because at a glance you would think it's the other way round.

Hell, i'll go out on a limb and just say that shovel just looks like a mook...
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Sadly, sometimes misunderstandings happen! Good guy vs Good guy! :D
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you should think of making a manga
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Ahahaha YES, you have no idea how happy this makes me.
That's awesome! What system is that game going to be for?
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It will be on Steam (PC, Linux, and Mac), 3DS, and Wii U.
Aw, man, no Xbox or PS3? :o
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Not that I know of anytime soon. If they can, I am sure that they will try, but they are focusing on the ones that they advertised, first.
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