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After 2 Years it will be time for a new Feature. :-)
This time i will feature some arts (mostly the ships, because you know im a starship guy) from Seth MacFarlanes new show "The Orville", which is a funny scifi series which seems to be a spirit child of Star Trek, especially Star Trek - The next Generation.

The Orville by Mallacore  The Orville Movie Poster. by AkiraTheFighter24  The Orville in Space by VanishingPointInc  The Orville - Sunrise by celticarchie
The Orville - ECV-197 by thypentacle  ECV Orville by Dragonlourde  Untitled by HFDTZ
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Thanks for the mention, hope your youtube channel goes far.
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The only good thing about The Orville is the design of the main ship.
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I love the Orville. The characters were loveable, the setting is beautiful bright and the overall mood gives positive vibes. Something i miss from current Star Trek Shows and SciFi-Shows in general. Everything turn so dark and dystopic.
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Sorry, but I prefer a very serious storyline over an positively boring dramedy.
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:woohoo: Thanks for the feature!  Ja'loja! :D
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Thanks for featuring. :-)
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Wow great! Thanks for featuring one of my ship models!
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Thanks for the feature
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Wow, thank you for the feature! The Orville is a great show, I really hope we can get at least 7 seasons, preferably 10! Maybe we'll see spinoffs if we're lucky. But in reality I suppose we should be happy they were renewed for season 3.
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I really hope The Orville lasts like at least ten seasons, especially how few episodes each season has.  Family Guy is in like its 19th Season and The Orville deserves at least ten if not more, IMO.
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But the diffence is, Family Guy is a animated series with a fraction of the cost of Orville. Orville cost per episode 5 to 6 million.
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One of my favorite shows. I really love these!
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Awesome collection!

I appreciate your including a couple of my Orvile related pieces in the feature, as well as seeing the wonderful works of others.

OLThankYou by OliverInk
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I echo the words of OliverInk
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