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Wallace class

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Found an old model on my external harddrive and wanted to try it out. The Wallace class police frigate. A throwback to the old StarTrekAustralia glory.

Class History:
After the close of the Dominion War, with the Borg threat dwindling, fringe Starfleet outposts became rife with traffic of all types. The majority of this traffic was civilian cargo and exploratory craft, but also included supplies for Federation colonies and visiting Starfleet starships. As the workload of station traffic controllers increased, a call was made for a better method of policing the starsystems outposts occupied. Pirate raids or illegal activity in these systems were becoming hard to control. The Defiant class, now deployed as a station support vessel, did not accurately fill the role of a systems patrol vehicle. It was a warship that required a full crew and constant maintenance. In 2379, Starfleet Advanced Design Bureau issued a request to its design teams to design a ship to fill the void between a capable powerhouse like the Defiant class, but which should be easier to use and maintain.
Only half the size of the Defiant, the Wallace class was commissioned in 2380. It was capable of being constructed in a spacestation-sized hangar bay with Industrial replicators or could be built in a spacedock if needed. The design was compact, and its intent was for short in-system missions. For this reason, the warp drive is not especially powerful, but rather boasts a modest speed capable of Warp 6.8, well above the average civilian freighter. Weapons systems were also standard components, although to maximize the usefulness of the torpedo launcher, it was placed in a retractable turret on the bottom of the craft, capable of swinging 360 degrees. Mounted opposite the torpedo launcher on the turret is a powerful tractor beam, taken directly from Sovereign designs and connected directly to the ship’s core power supply. The deflector is ringed by sensors based off of the Nova Class sensor suite. The bridge is arranged like a normal starship with a central chair for the Commanding Officer and stations around it. However, the front of the bridge has a combined window, as a shuttle or runabout would, as well as a viewscreen HUD overlay. A ward room in the aft of the ship performs multiple duties as briefing room, transporter pad, a simple galley, and medical bay.

Rendered in 3d Max 10
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Wallace class by Marc Rouse
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Great effects in this outstanding creation!!!1 Bill

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Thank you very much!

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Starfleet's version of motorcycle cops.

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Nick's Cop Wink Damn... Picard

You were clocked at Warp 2.0 in a school zone, Captain.

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Cop on the beat

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like the design and the lore.

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Looks awesome!

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Interesting. In the series and films, Starfleet seems to, in some way, follow the Tarkin doctrine, and lean towards building bigger and bigger ships. But these ships are just not suited for stuff like defense or patrol, and you can't always repurpose old Miranda-class frigates. I had a similar idea recently, about a ship used for patrolling, defending bases/stations and doing short-term missions. Something a Runabout is too small for but you wouldn't want to waste a bigger ship on. The concept just makes sense.

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I love it. Big Defiant fan. I should get on to working my variant.

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NICE! Hope we can see more of this design.

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