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Ultimate Mass Effect Starship Size Comparison

Made a new Size comparison for the ships of the Mass Effect Universe. This time with alot of ships more from more or less every known spezies we see in the games.
I have made a few changes compared to my previous Size Comparisons you can found here: Mass Effect Starship Size Chart Comparison
I made the Geth Dreadnought now 1300 m, and resize the Destiny Ascension and made her alot smaller as before.
I hope the majority finds this data more realistic. Third resize goes to the Harbinger and Sovereign. Many fans says hey must be bigger than the other Reapers, but i make them again 2 km tall. There is no hint, that Harbinger was taller than that.

I added alot of new fanart and concept ship.
So I am able to represent almost any species, even if we have not seen their ships in the games.

Credits goes to
:icontroodon80: :iconmelllin: :iconnach77: :icondiyaru4500: :iconkoobismo:
... for the many fandesigned ship
which enhance our image from the Mass Effect universe.

Image made with Paint Shop Pro 7 and 3d Max 10

Mass Effect is (c) by Bioware & EA

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Myself and a clone of every female concept of humam with size and color customizations’ and default control and a pair of Gloves Of Steven Spielbergs Invasion America. #dreams

l note: THE comparson with Eldridge of Xenofears and Elhoin Of Emperor Mankind Warhammer.

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Yo could you do a wallpaper of all the super dreadnoughts/flagships leading their respective fleet? Like the Turian Hierarchy Diatryma, Asari Destiny Ascenscion, Systems Alliance SSV Sagan, Quarian Flotilla and etc.

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I want to made at least one Super Dreadnought for each species to do such image, but im currently stuck at the Salarian ship.
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Ahh I see that's similar to the idea I had in mind too. I'm so excited for it! All the best!

Perhaps Salarian ship could be organic looking with curves and a white and pearly colour palatte. Krogan could have rougher designs with sharper edges but also ollowing the ornamental kinds of patterns of their clothes. Hanar ships could be also look something like salarian ships but with a more colourful palatte. Drell/Vorcha ships could take inspiration from Vulcan/Klingon ships respectively.

Could I use the ships in this chart (except Cerberus’, Aliance’ and Shadow Broker’s ships) for a story I am working on?
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My works are usually free to use as long you give credits and everything is 100 percent non-commercial.
Of course I will credit you, and don’t worry: the story is non-commercial. Also, could I use other of your Mass Effect ship concepsts?
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With the same rules, yes.
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Excellent work!
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Welcher von den Turianischen Kreuzern ist denn der aus dem Erstkontaktkrieg (Evolution)?
Die Vahrdona passt ja von den sehr schmalen paddelartigen Flügeln her. Nur da ist der Bug zu schmal.
Der 535m Kreuzer würde vom Bug her passen, da sind aber die Flügel zu breit :/
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Der Vahrdona ist der aus dem First Contact War. Jedenfall kommt er dem am nächsten.
Die 535 meter Cruiser Version stammt aus Mass Effect 1.
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Thank you very much!
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Where did those new Reaper designs come from? The carriers, cruisers, troop transports, and slaughter ships I've never seen in the game, only mentioned in the Codex.
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The Carrier and the Cruiser Reaper are fan-designs. The Troop Transport and Slaughter ship were briefly seen in the end scene of Mass Effect 2 when the Reaper Armada starts from the Orcus Nebula to the Milky Way. Both models were also use as holograms in Mass Effect 3.
I always find these sorts of charts interesting. Nicely done.

...though it does make the whole effort of building the Crucible, or "this giant thing that we have no idea what it does," even more preposterous in my mind.
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Very Awesome work; that immense transportation ship in the middle is the Andromedea colonizer from incoming new mass effect game ?
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No, the big thing in the middle is the Crucible from Mass Effect 3. (…)
To this time i have no much information about Andromeda. Only size comparison i made for Andromeda is a size comparison between the Nexus (Andromeda Space Station) and the Citadel here:

Mass Effect Andromeda Ark/Nexus Size Comparison by Euderion
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