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USS Cerritos - 800 Episodes of Star Trek

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Last weeks Episode of Star Trek Lower Decks marked the 800th Episode of Star Trek.
In addition to featuring guest star Robert Duncan McNeill voicing his Star Trek: Voyager character Tom Paris, the episode marked a milestone for the Star Trek franchise. "We'll Always Have Tom Paris" is the 800th episode of Star Trek television. That's accounting for every Star Trek television series ever produced, from Star Trek: The Original Series through Lower Decks. Star Trek reaches the milestone shortly before celebrating its 55th anniversary on September 8th.

Rendered in 3d Max 10
Post Work in Paint Shop Pro 7
Background Nebula painted in Paint Shop Pro 7
California class USS Cerritos & Miranda class by David Metlesits thefirstfleet 

Warping Cerritos by Euderion  Cerritos and Euderion by Euderion  USS Cerritos Ptolemy Version by Euderion
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Very nice work

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Love the work as always. That seperated deflector section always seemed really silly to me, though; Can't go through the pylons and naecelles, you'll get fried. If there's a transporter or umbilical system for it, what if they're damaged in combat or some other crisis?

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According to the Master System Display and Showrunner Mike McMahan, there is a horizontal Turbolift going through the nacelles to the engine room and the nav-deflector.

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That'd be a bit of a squeeze. :DStill seems dangerous, but then, I suspect ships like that wouldn't really be getting into combat .

The pylons appear to be at least 2 decks thick, not that tight.

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Huh. I mean, I like Lower Decks--it's easily my favorite of the new Treks shows currently--but even I have to say that's a heck of an episode to hit that landmark on. :P

Of course, I'm sure it was all just a happy accident that it lined up like that, and that absolutely no one on staff had actually planned it that way. But still... :)

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Who would have thought it.

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Kirk McCoy Nod

After this five year mission, Jim, I am afraid no one will remember us.

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And after 55 years, we still talking about. 😎

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I read so much commentary and see many uploaded videos why current fans despise current Star Trek. Even if they don't like the new movies and series, Gene created a multiverse fans care about. I have a number of collectibles from franchises that created not a Big Bang, but a shrug garnering a brief reference on IMDB, or else no one would recall it was even filmed.

Eh, the people who dislike it are just a loud minority.

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Dude I keep saying the same Tuskin38 account in YouTube, reddit, etc it's ridiculous, are you the same dude?

That's dedication for you in countering grumpy Trekkers lol

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As a 59 year old fan of the TOS, I believe I have valid reasons for not liking the current crop of weeds Paramount is calling "Star Trek"- from designs to concepts. I could list them, but that would make this reply way too long.

CBS not paramount.

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There's an involved history here. Starting out in the 60s, it was Desilu, then Paramount. Then came Viacom. They split the property between TV and movies, giving the TV rights to CBS, while keeping the movie rights under the Paramount brand.

Yeah, though both Paramount and CBS are under Viacom again as of 2 or so years ago, but the shows are all still produced by CBS.

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I prefer watching the past 700 episodes or movies for free on over the air TV. Have not even touched a fraction of the novels. So much Trek!

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I have some of the early novels. When the publisher started crossing them over like comics, I stopped buying them. I have original versions of the TOS episodes- recorded them off Scy-fy channel; way-back- when and I also have the remastered set. I also have the special Tribble episode DS9 did. It's in the TOS remastered set .

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The Heroes and Icon Network runs "Total Star Trek" nightly. TOS, TNG, Voyager, DS9 and Enterprise in the order each was televised. It's been a long time getting from there to here.

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TV-wise, I have samples of the rest of the Original shows- some I recorded, some I bought. I have nothing after Enterprise . Movie-wise, Made the mistake of buying the 2009 reboot- wish I hadn't.

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