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Turian Pelagornis class Dreadnought

Model  T.H.S. PelagornisLocation  SPACE
Post Reaper War Turian ship concept. Model is not final, just a first image to get a feeling for the ship.

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When the Reaper War ended in 2187, the galaxy was in ruins. There were only a fraction of the fleets of the various nations left, and in order to restore order in the galaxy, the rebuilding of the fleet was of course at the top of the list.
Agreements like the Treaty of Farixen, which limited the number of dreadnoughts, were temporarily suspended, after all, there was hardly anyone who could enforce it anyway. It was therefore not surprising that every major power wanted to use this time to produce as many dreadnoughts as possible until the treaty would come into force again. Ultimately, this would determine future supremacy in the galaxy.

The turian military had three dreadnought types in current use at the time. An obsolete Warhawk-class dreadnought from the First Contact War, the newer Vulture class dreadnought developed in response to the Kilimanjaro class of the Systems Alliance, and the prestige object of the Diatryma class, a super dreadnought that rivals even the Asari Flagship Destiny Ascension. The problem was that the Warhawk class was to old to produce more units. The Vulture and Diatryma classes were more modern, but very large and bulky, which would make production time-consuming and expensive.
The Hierarchy decided on a new project, the Pelagornis class.

The Pelagornis class is a 726 meter long ship which could be described as a miniature dreadnought or pocket battleship. The outer hull is slightly reminiscent of the Diatryma class, but is much more streamlined.
The Thanix technology was a game changer in the production of warships. In the past, a ship's combat strength was measured by how long the main gun was. Conventional dynamic magnetic mass accelerators became more powerful the more space the cannon has to accelerate the projectile. This was of course reflected in the designs of warships, which were getting longer and longer. With Thanix technology, this changed almost overnight. Thanix cannons, which were basically replicas of Reaper guns, are significantly more space-saving and also more powerful than the old mass accelerator weapons. A frigate equipped with Thanix weapons has as much firepower as a cruiser equipped with a mass accelerator. It is therefore not surprising that Thanix armament was used for the construction of the Pelagornis class, which made the ship significantly smaller. For the turians it was a welcome circumstance, after all, they got a dreadnought for the price of a cruiser. The smaller size had other advantages, as production time and material consumption was reduced by 30 percent compared to a Vulture class dreadnought.

The Pelagornis class is unusually fast and agile, has moderate armor and strong shields. An opposing commander should think twice about messing with this ship.
For support, the ship is also equipped with a hangar in the stern area, which can accommodate up to 50 fighters, shuttles or support vehicles.

Done in 3ds Max 10
Post Work in Paint Shop Pro 7
Mass Effect is (c) by Bioware & EA

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Oh I like the idea. Gone are sharp, boxy edges. Has more bulk and presence.

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Its funny. I was reading about ME Andromeda and the ships of the Kett. The cruiser in Cora's missions doesn't have shields or lasers, and a few turrets. A single ship like this, or a standard Citadel Cruiser, would've destroyed the Kett in Helius Cluster.

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Probably yes. The Kett arent that strong, at least from what we saw in the Heleus cluster. Maybe the real Kett empire is much stronger. The Kett in Heleus are also only a small group of colonist came with an ark ship similar to the Andromeda Initiative.

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Incredible work. It looks like a legitimate part of the ME universe!

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Wow, this is really good.. like flying into the deep of galaxy .

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I really like the design. we all need more Mass Effect in our lives.

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Oh my god that's... that's so amazing! I freaking love this!

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Thank you very much!

Your welcome 🙏

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