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Early 24th century Thunderchild class.
The Thunderchild began as a simply kitbash project after i first saw the Centaur class from the Deep Space Nine Episode "A time to stand". I wanted to do a similar ship but with my own fingerprint so i gave her a double rollbar and weapons tower. In first the model was a pure kitbash from a friends Excelsior class, but bit by bit i change parts with my own model abilities i gained over the years, so its now a 100 percent different ship from where i started. I also reduced the weapons a bit to a more plausible level. Most noticible is the new weapons towers. The old version of this model had 4 Torpedo launcher in each pod, i reduced it to 2 per tower so it doesnt look so fanboyish for a little strike cruiser.

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Class Info:
The Thunderchild class was developed in 2325 as a fast strike cruiser, a heavier variant of the Centaur class scout cruiser. It served alongside heavier classes like the Ambassador or Niagara classes and was mostly a welcome support ship.
The ship can act as an alpha strike cruiser made for quick accomplishments in battles. She's fast, agile and strong but not very enduring in long battles. If she had shot her alpha strike pulver, she is an easy target. Thats why the class was never produced at mass like the alltime work horses, the Excelsior and Miranda units.
In the time between 2325 and 2340 twelve units were produced. In 2360 all ships were refited
and equipped with modern systems. In the same year the prototype USS Thunderchild NCC-26604 was decomissioned and transferred to the Fleet Museum and opened the name for the coming Akira class USS Thunderchild which was in construction during that time.
In the Dominion War half a dozen of these ships were quickly refited and
reinstated for active duty.
Built and rendered in 3d Max 10
Post Work in Paint Shop Pro 7
Thunderchild Model by Thomas Raube (me)
Shuttlecraft by David Metlesits thefirstfleet

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Such a delightful symmetry of mass on this hull!

I can almost feel how balanced this vessel is, through the screen.

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A very beautiful ship!!!

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Looks great. Just one suggestion. How about a small length of warp grill on the inside of the warp nacelle? That way they have line of sight.

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This is really well done. I got the same idea from a kitbash i found on the internet using the sovereign saucer and akira hulls... though I'm not able to use blender well enough to make what i want come to reality i did make a piecemeal version though paint to keep the idea alive. Do you do commissions or requests?

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Sorry, i dont do commissions anymore. They were too much trouble in the past.

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Dam man that's cool. It's like an Excelsior upgrade of the Miranda class.

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Was this named after the fictional ship from War of the Worlds? There could be a tragic irony under the circumstances if so.

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Yes it was, more or less. A decade ago "Thunderchild" was my former artist tag. And this ship here was my very first 3d created model so i named the class after myself. Of course, the name come from the HMS Thunder Child from HG Wells War of the World novel. I liked the fact, that the Thunder Child was the only human War asset which was equal to the martian machines.

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Yes, it was definitely one of the most memorable scenes from that novel; effectively the only successful act of human resistance to take place. Of course human tech had changed so much even in 55 years that the 1953 movie version had to significantly up the Martians' game because by then we could have easily wiped out the Martians as depicted in the 1898 novel. :-)

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Love this design!

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Beautiful design, will we get better/more angles?
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I have a seperate folder for wallpapers with the Thunderchild class where you can see her in other angles.

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