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The Zha'til Attack - Metacon War

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Two years old image i made for N7 Day but at the time I didn't like it much, so I didn't post it. I've now pulled it out again and reworked it and added more ships and a bit of bling bling to make the picture a little more interesting.

Scene from the Metacon War between the Zha'til and the Protheans 50.000 years ago.

Metacon War History
Over 50000 Years ago from the common era, the Protheans encounter a hostile race of machine intelligences that endanger their existence. Originally a peaceful species named the Zha, they developed an artificial intelligence to help survive the hostile enviroment on their homeplanet. Main programm of these Intelligences was the simple Line "Survival at all cost". The Zha augmented themself with these A.I.'s and implanted them into their brains. All beigns were connected into the Meta-Connection. But the Intelligence betrayed the Zha and took over their minds rendered their bodies as helpless slaves for the A.I.'s. The race where called the Zha'Til from then on.
After the Zha'Til conquered their own homeworld and forced everyone on the planet into the Meta-Connection they decided to spread out to other solar systems to assimilate other species as well. The Metacon War started.
The Protheans became aware of the Metacon after the Zha'Til waged war against the Densorin and Enduromi which were both species near to the Prothean core regions.
To combat this threat, the Protheans aggressively assimilate many other spacefaring organic races into their empire and start a galactic wide cleansing of all synthetic intelligences which ultimate results in the destruction of the Zha Solar System when the Protheans transformed the Zha sun into a supernova.

Rendered in 3d Max 10
Post Work and background Nebula in Paint Shop Pro 7
Lighting Effects in Adobe After Effects CS6
Metacon Sphere model parts by David Metlesits
Mass Effect is (c) by Bioware & EA
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Are you sure you got the backstory right? Because the ME wiki says that the AI half of the zha'til was subjugated by the reapers, rather than turning on them willingly.

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It is right. The Metacon War and the Reaper War overlaps a bit. The Metacon War started before the Reapers arrival and the Protheans were close to victory. They nearly had defeated the Zha'til when they bring the Zha Sun to supernova, but then the Reapers invaded and used what was left from the Zha'til similar to the Geth in our cycle.

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It would be nice to experience the previous Cycle. However without Shepard and Normandy gang... perhaps they can travel back in time in some other game. :D

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Your welcome 🙏
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Then six Shadow vessels phase in and destroy them all

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The Terminator : I Will Be Back Locutus Laser

Skynet sees no problems with this idealistic perfection. Resistance is futile.

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