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The Titan

Model  USS Titan NCC-80102Location  SPACE
Rikers first Command, the USS Titan.

The USS Titan (NCC-80102) is a Luna-class Federation starship in Starfleet service, launched in the year 2379 under the command of Captain William T. Riker. The Titan, like the other ships in the Luna class, was named for a moon in the Sol system, Titan. This new series of vessels had one of the most diverse crews in fleet history—fewer than 15% of the Titan crewmembers were Human.

In September 2385, Captain Riker was promoted to rear admiral. After being promoted, Rear Admiral Riker retained Titan as his personal flagship. Upon his assignment as Sector Commander of the Alpha Quadrant frontier zone, he made Titan the sector command's mobile base of operations.
In 2386, Christine Vale was promoted to captain and assigned as the ship's permanent commanding officer, after having served as acting captain since Riker's promotion.

Rendered in 3d Max 10
Post Work in Adobe After Effects CS6
Background Nebula painted in Paint Shop Pro 7
Luna class by David Metlesits thefirstfleet

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Ah yes, the Akira on steroids. :giggle: :clap:

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It's the Titan!!!!!

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She's a beauty!

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I can only imagine how Boimler returned to the Cerritos after being transferred to the Titan.

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This is beautiful. In my sixth Star Trek: Fortitude book called Afterburn, I had a Luna-class ship named the USS Blackmore, named after Rear Admiral Edward 'Boxer' Blackmore. I suppose I subconsciously did a mix of Star Trek and Star Wars by casting the character in my mind with Mark Hamill. Anyways, this is really great work and a great beauty.

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Shake it Luna Troll riker

Princess Luna has a starship named after her?

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The Luna class is a thing of beauty. I was so afraid that they'd change the design in Lower Decks to be something else and it absolutely made my day when I saw that hadn't. Actually it probably made my week, I was giddy for a long time after seeing it swoop in and save the Cerritos.

I loved the design so much that it was the first Eaglemoss miniature I ever bought, and I'm not really a person that does 'merch' like that. I've always just been content with just saving pictures to my HD and looking at them there. But with the Titan, I had to have something physical.

they changed it a bit, though I'm not sure by mistake, or just to have it fit the art style of the show. Like the phaser strips are inverted and are glowing purple. There are some some other small details missing, but it is still a very close recreation.

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Star Trek Riker Facepalm

Captain Freeman begged me to let her tow us back to Starbase, so she could claim SHE defeated the Pakleds. The favors I do for the ladies of Starfleet.

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