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The First One - USS Euderion

Model  USS Euderion NCC-126Location  Space
The first Starfleet ship with the name Euderion. For sure not the last. :D (Big Grin) More or less quick image for an Blog entry.

The USS Euderion NCC-126 was an refited Mark III Daedalus class cruiser which had their maiden voyage in 2165. With 138,10 meters length and 15 Decks it was one of Starfleets smaller type of cruiser vessels.

The Daedalus class was considered obsolete as early as the mid-2150s. The reason for this was the technological leap in development, which leads to the construction of other ship classes, such as the modern NX class.
When the conflict with the Romulans came to a head in 2155 and war broke out, Starfleet was looking for ways to strengthen its fleet. Their focus was again on the old Daedalus-class ships. In 2155 the decree to build new ships of the Daedalus class was issued. Most of the existing ships of the class was be equipped with developments from the NX program and newly produced units leave drydock in the following years. While Starfleet needed over a year to complete one NX-class ship, three Daedalus-class ships could be built in the same time with less cost.
Due to the costly battles against the Romulans, the production of ships of that class became the main production chain. Thats why the ship class was commonly seen during the following 25 Years.

Ships of this class have 8 phase cannons in their MK-I version, which are later replaced with Magnusson-type phaser cannons in the Mark II, III and IV Versions. Four Torpedo tubes acts as secundary weapon system and most older ships still posses six nuclear missile launchers. There is room for 165 to 229 crew members on 15 decks as standard. The class can accommodate 85 additional passengers and in an emergency it can accommodate 1,550 refugees.
Daedalus-class ships travel at an average speed of warp 3.5 but the Mark III and IV can hold warp 6.0 for 12 hours.

Rendered in 3d Max 10
Background Nebula painted in Paint Shop Pro 7
No Post Work
Daedalus class and Work Pod by David Metlesits thefirstfleet 
Drydock by Beda of Borg
NX Shuttlecraft by Wil Jaspers
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Kinda makes me think of the USS Discovery

from 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY (1968).

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To boldly go...:clap:

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Very nice! So many details
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Thank you very much!

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Looks like an hybrid of Discovery and Enterprise. insteresting.

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The Daedalus class?

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Seeing great work like this makes me wish all the more the Trek prequel series had been set on a Daedalus-Class instead of the Akiraprise.

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What is this "Akiraprise" thing everyone is talking about?

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The NX-Class, it’s essentially an upside down Akira-Class
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Oh, i never noticed that.

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Yep, feel the same.

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Every ship lineage has a first one :) . I can see all the cool custom details you gave this version of the class. Keep it up!

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Will do. Thanks!

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You are most welcome!

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Cool work, I also always liked to see the Daedalus class

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Always happy to see one of my favorite Trek designs.

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Very beautiful work!

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Thank you very much!

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