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Why could not bring out a Captain Sulu series? Instead of Star Trek Voyager, Star Trek Excelsior would be a better series.

When Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country ended with former Enterprise Helmsman Hikaru Sulu sailing off into the sunset as the commander of his own starship, the Excelsior, a lot of Trek fans assumed or at least hoped this was a sign of things to come. It seemed only natural that Sulu and his crew would get their own movie, or at least their own television show.
Unfortunately it never happened.

The USS Excelsior was in service to Starfleet for nearly ninety years from her commission in 2284. When newly commissioned, the Excelsior was the prototype for a new class of explorers. She was the test-bed for a failed transwarp drive in the 2280s, and protected the Khitomer conference which drafted the Khitomer Accords in 2293. Her most famous commander was Hikaru Sulu who commanded the Excelsior from 2290 to at least 2320.

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Excelsior by David Metlesits :iconthefirstfleet:

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The Excelsior's got a great captain commanding her.
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Sulu is the best.
30 years? That's quite a captaincy run!
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Yep, He took the advice of kirk. Do not allow promotion. Do not let them get you from the Captain's chair.
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I quite agree it would have been nice to have had a Star Trek Excelsior series as their is a huge span of time between the end of the TOS movie era and Encounter at Farpoint that kicked off the TNG/DS9 and VOY era. About 80 years if I remember correctly.

Sadly it wasn't to be instead we got Enterprise which while not a bad show tried to excuse technological inconsistencies with that silly Temporal Cold War nonsense.
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I could imagine a Captain Sulu series even today. I dont really like the new Abrams universe, but the actors are good, and new Sulu actor John Cho is good in this role. I could watch a Captain Sulu Movie or TV Show with him.
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I dunno man, I personally loved Voyager.

Nothing against Excelsior or other ships of her class, I think they're some of the most beautiful ships in Starfleet, but I loved the lost in space concept.
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Excelsior is for me clearly the more beautiful ship. Never liked the design of the Intrepid class with this little warp engines.
The Voyager Series itself has its moments, but they haves not consistently enforced  the stories and therefore given away much.
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Oh Excelsior is Devonshire one of the most beautiful ships.

Intrepid I never moved the smaller engines, it is a small ship after all
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damn that is good
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Thank you very much!
this is brilliant!
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Thank you very much!
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They really should have done SOMETHING with Excelsior post The Undiscovered Country. A TV series featuring Takei/Koenig/Nicholls would have been an ideal way to introduce new characters with familiar ones as touchstones, but of course, the TV landscape of the mid-1990s was very different than what is possible today. Will always be one of Trek's great "might-have-beens"…
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Totally agree.
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Well Enterprise was pre-TOS so I think a Star Trek: Excelsior reboot could work. Connecting the TOS to TNG!
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Excelsior has always been my favorite Star Trek ship.
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