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Sulacos last journey

Conestoga class USS Sulaco from the 1986 Aliens Movie.

"It was an ugly ship. Battered, overused, parts repaired that should have been replaced, too tough and valuable to scrap. Easier for its masters to upgrade it and modify it than to build a new one. Its lines were awkward and its engines oversize. A mountain of metal and composites and ceramic, a floating scrap heap, weightless monument to war, it shouldered its way brutally through the mysterious region called hyperspace. Like its human cargo, it was purely functional. Its name was Sulaco."

The Conestoga class Starships were originally designed as troop and logistics transports with only limited defensive capabilities. As the class aged, and revisions and upgrades took place, the ships were equipped with more and more weapons, until the entire class was upgraded to light assault ships, with some small space control and orbital bombardment role. These ships will remain in the USASF/Marine inventory until the first of the new Bougainville attack transports are taken into service, at which time the remaining Conestogas will be slowly taken out of service.

The Sulaco was the thirteenth ship of the class, and has received all the usual revisions of the class. Although the overall armaments between ships vary somewhat, the Sulaco is a reasonable example of the class.
By 2179, this ship had been converted into a rapid-response military transport, with orbital bombardment and fleet support capabilities.
Sulaco masses 78,000 metric tons and can carry an additional 20,000 tons of cargo. It measures 385 meters in length.

The Sulaco was never a very lucky ship. Since she has been commissioned there have been several incidents with her, the worst ones being hit by Anti-Ship missiles whilst in orbit over Linna 349, and a docking accident at Gateway station which killed five people. However, the worst incident involving the Sulaco is her deployment to Zeta Reticuli, with a full marine Squad and two civilians as her complement. Since her departure from Gateway station, more than ten years ago, there has been no sign from either the crew, or the Sulaco...

Rendered in 3d Max 10
Post Work and Background Nebula made in Paint Shop Pro 7
Sulaco model extracted by Nach77 :iconnach77:

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