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Shuttlecraft Orion

Model  Shuttlecraft OrionLocation  SPACE
The Shuttlecraft Orion, the primary Shuttle of the Constellation class testbed USS Euderion NCC-1951.
The Orion was one of the first class H type auxiliary Shuttle operated in the late 2260s.

Rendered in 3d Max 10
No Post Work
Background Nebula painted in Paint Shop Pro 7 (available as free Stock image here:… )
All model parts by David Metlesits & Thomas Raube
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4400x2400px 1.03 MB
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Great design and a wonderful picture

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Thank you very much!

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Great hybrid of design styles :)

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Sehr schickes Shuttle.

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Very nice kitbash! I like how it looks :). I myself made a warp-capable shuttle for my AU Starfleet because their usefulness is more than obvious.

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"Orion VII" Interessanter Name.

Ich ahne schon wie das Shuttle enden wird: Es rammt einen Himmelskörper um eine Katastrophe zu verhindern und der Nachfolger wird dann die Orion VIII ;)

Hoffentlich tauchen keine "Frösche" auf XD

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I like the shuttlecraft. They really didn't start looking interesting until they created the Runabouts. Too much of an obvious box for me to look past and see a spaceship.

I think visually here you could modify it just a little more. Those bulges on the side might need to be made smaller to show less of the obvious bleed through on the model there at the front (its also overlapping the red line which should end before the bulge for best appearance). I think making them around the size of the nacelles would look best.

I think having a strip down the middle of the cockpit canopy would also help. But other than that, really like the look of it. For lore reasons you could say that this shuttlecraft was the testbed for the Runabout, or something.

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Captain Janeway Eyeroll Salandit mischief gif

Never modify the shuttlecraft to fly over Warp 10, or the occupants may turn into salamanders!

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