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Shine for me

A little bit tanning for the good old Constitution?

Rendered in 3d Max 10
Post Work in Paint Shop Pro 7
Constitution class by Jason "Vektor" Lee

Like Classic Trek? Watch this:

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Full Speed ahead - Mirror NX and Constitution by Euderion All along the watchtower by Euderion The final step by Euderion
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That is one HOT starship.
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I liked this one so much I had to give a shot trying to copy in with watercolor and ink:  USS Enterprise

Thanks for the inspiration.  Your work is amazing!!
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Thank you very much!
Great image! That close to the star, I hope the crew is wearing some serious sunblock!
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This is a lovely image. I really like your images of the TOS-era Federation ships.

Will we get to see any lovely images of the Big-E herself here?

"NCC one seven O one. No bloody A, B,C, or D." :D
Fantastic image! I have a question for you, or anyone who might know the answer. Concerning the CONSTITUTION Class, I want to know the number, shape, and arrangement of view ports that are placed around the entire rim of the saucer section? Anyone who can help me with this question, please post a message to me, or contact me by e-mail. Thanks Very Kindly
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:) In my eyes just as any new ship class comes into the trek universe its always fitting to have a ship named after it such as this one.

Infact the design of the constellation class also came from the NCC 1701s own sister ship aswell which was also of the same design as this  and the Enterprise aswell.
Wow! I sure am glad to finally see the good old CONSTITUTION, and namesake of the Greatest Class of ships. I like what you have done with perspective of the ship, and the fully engaged star behind it is quite effective.
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Thank you very much for the kind words!
Very glad you like it.
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Niice one. 
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Nothing beats the Classic Connie!
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Jup, this class of ship is so iconic, its impossible to dislike her.
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To Paraphrase Pink Floyd "Shine on you beautiful star!"
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Beautiful, I love it, thank you!
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