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Scorpion vs Dominion Fighter



A Scorpion class Heavy Fighter against a Jem'Hadar Hor'da class fighter.

Scorpion Class Info:
In the past, federation fighters were always designed to present a manoeuverable, fast fighter, who should act in great numbers. This was the case with the Tycho or Arco Sleds of the Constitution class, and in more recent times the Peregrine, Viper or Warhammer classes. All the ships had one thing in common: they were quick and manoeuvrable, but they were not able to fight a capital ship. In 2376 the 26 meter long Scorpion class heavy fighter/bomber should close this gap.

Even though some Scorpion fighter's pilot might claim something else, these fighters have been designed for long missions. They have an almost endless life support, a small replicator unit and a field device for holding faeces. Purely technically, the fighters are able to keep two pilots alive over a period of 12 weeks.

The Scorpion is slow and difficult to maneuver in sub-light maneuvers. The four high-performance impulse engines allow him to fly quickly in a straight line, but complicated movements or even rapid maneuvers are hard to do. On warp speed, however, this changes again. The ship is fast, more precisely, it is one of the fastest combatants the Starfleet has in its ranks. Two heavy warp engines are the heart of this powerful drive and are operated by a new fighter warp core that can deliver the same performance as a scout ship or a Rapier class escort ship. The warp core can be ejected downwards in emergencies.

Almost the entire fire power of the ship is directed forward. The fighter is destined to hunt a target and destroy it with the first attack. 120 micro-quantumtorpedos are loaded in the five tubes as standard, whereby it is possible to install a sixth launcher in the replaceable module behind the cockpit. Up to a further 40 torpedoes can be delivered.
The module is normally equipped with a powerful sensor and scanner system that allows pilots to control a large area around them. This module can, however, be equipped more specifically according to the mission, as was already the case with large combat ships such as the New Orleans, the Nebula, the Ronin or the Springfield class.

The ship is protected by two counter-rotating high-performance shields similar to those of the Defiant class. These are fed by the strong fighter warp core and are thus comparable to the shield of a larger frigate size ship. A fact that compensates for the lack of maneuverability.
Additional protection is afforded by the ablative armor. In some places, such as the cockpit, bussard collectors and the other drive openings, heavy armor can be deployed, which can hold several direct hits.

Scorpion ships are still relatively new in the fleet, and have just begun to perform their service. In the last year of the Dominion War forty units were built, with seven lost in combat. After the war, the units of the SAV (Small Attack Vessels) were called upon to provide additional vessels for the reconstruction of the fleet. Up to the year 2380, 150 pieces per year are pre-ordered.

Rendered in 3d Max 10
Post Work and Background Nebula in Paint Shop Pro 7
Scorpion class and Jem'Hadar Hor'da class by Andrew J. Hodges

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Your artwork more than supports the idea for a video game similar to Wing Commander or Starlancer  , but set in the Star Trek universe-great work.