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In 2345 the New Orleans class USS Euderion NCC-62470 accompanied the research ship USS Bondarenko NCC-655 to the planet Suriva II. An asteroid impact there caused a mass extinction of the native fauna, which the scientists on the Bondarenko hope to be able to reverse. For this mission the Euderion was equipped with brand new science and sensor pods and a additional tractor beam emitter.

The New Orleans class frigate USS Euderion was the third Starfleet ship to bear the name Euderion in honor of the founders of the first alpha centauri colonies. The NCC-62470 operated from 2343 until their enigmatic disappearance in 2349.

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New Orleans & Oberth by David Metlesits thefirstfleet 
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I really like this piece. There's a really great sense of narrative nad perspective on the universe here which I quite enjoy.

Would you object if I were to write a scene taking inspiration from your work?

I'd of course link back to your piece and give full credit for the inspiration.

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Damn... Picard

An Oberth class, Number One? No wonder this mission suffered incidents...

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That is Fascinating

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love the new orleans class

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Love seeing the Wolf 359 kitbash ships! I wish they'd brought those designs back later on, especially with the big fleet scenes in DS9.

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Yes, just with some slight changes to indicate they have been improved for Anti-Borg action in the future.

But i won´t lie, i LIKE the "new Anti-Borg" designs, though by now they are no longer "new".

I love the Sabre, and Norway is my favorite Star Trek ship of its size and i find the Steamrunner very cute in its chonkiness.

Akira has something fascinating too.

The detail gives the ship a nice sense of scale. :)

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Good design and view

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