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Sagan leaves the Sol System

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“I don't want to believe. I want to know.”  ― Carl Sagan

A small group of
Alliance ships escorts the SSV Sagan out of the Sol System.

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After the Reaper War ends in the beginning of 2187 the Systems Alliance with the rest of the allied fleets from the Asari and Turians began a new project to reetablish the Mass Relay network. The Sagan Expedition was formed in 2190 with members of the Systems Alliance, the Asari, the Turians and partially the Quarians. The goal was to repair the Relays one after another. Without the relays, ships depend on basic FTL Drives to reach other solar systems
which can last weeks, months or even decades. But no existing ship class would be able to provide a crew in the years long travel without cryosleep. The Sagan class was designed and built between 2190 and 2195 as a mix of a Dreadnought and a Carrier to provide a crew of over 6000 for more than 15 years without restocking.

After the Systems Alliance repaired the Charon Relay they send the Sagan out to repair the other relays to etablish the network again to reconstruct the galactic society. The next mass relay from Earth is the Arcturus relay, around 37 lightyears away, which means less than one week travel with maximum FTL (10 Lightyears per day with additional stops to deposit the heat). After that, next objective is the Relay in the Exodus Cluster (which is a 1 month trip) because it is a junction point leading into Asari and Krogan Territories.

The Sagan is made for Deep Space Missions, had a own fuel factory on board as well as over 400 Starfighter, Shuttles and Drones.
Because they could not send out whole fleets due to the non-functioning Relays, the Sagan was built extremely tough for her long lone travel. Through additional armor plates at strategic locations the Sagan is more robust than a Kilimanjaro class Dreadnought, although it was not conceived as a war ship. The oversized mass driver weapons have all been replaced by smaller Thanix cannons, to obtain more space for internal structures like a fuel refinery, shuttlebays, Cargo rooms for Repair Drones and a Biosphere for additional food and Oxygen supplies. Along with the reprocessing plants the Sagan can operate independently up to 15 years, should this be necessary.
At the moment, the Sagan is the only ship of this class.
After the Treaty of Farixen was cancelled by the circumstance of war, the Alliance spend most of their financial resources to build Dreadnoughts like the new Denali class. But it is planned, that the Sagan class someday replace the older Einstein and Tereshkova class Carriers.


Class: Sagan
Type: Supercarrier
Length: 1803 m
Width: 511 m
Height: 419 m (with antennas)

Crew 6650
- Naval: 1250
- Marine: 2400
- Science: 1500
- Medical: 1300
- Civilian or Aliens: 700 

Troop Mechs
- 375 Fenris Scout Mechs
- 4500 Loki Light Mechs
- 800 YMIR Heavy Mechs
- 200 Leto Heavy Mechs
- 10 Atlas manned Mechs
- 1200 Assault Drones

Sagan Weapons

Main Guns
- 2 Dreadnought Size Thanix Cannons
- 1 Javelin Mk 8 "Giant Killer" Launcher

Broadside Mac Cannons (secundary weapons)
- 24 Heavy Macs (12 each side) (1 shot every 6 seconds)
- 32 Medium Macs (16 each side) (1 shot every 4 seconds)
- 58 Small Twin Macs (29 each side) (2 shot every 2 seconds)

Additional Weapons (tertiary weapons)
- 3 Twin Heavy Macs for fast Targets
- 8 Twin Medium Macs for fast Targets
- 8 Anti Fighter Hypervelocity Railguns
- 20 Heavy Missile Pod Launcher
- 8 Medium Missile Pod Launcher
- 4 Disruptor Torpedo Launchers
- 346 GARDIAN Ultraviolet Laser Nodes
- 26 GARDIAN Thanix Nodes
- 74 Point Defense RailGuns

- 2 Light Corvette Fenrir class
- 35 A-61 Mantis Gunships
- 95 UT-47-A Kodiak Dropships
- 170 SX-3 Interceptors
- 20 RS-3 Bumblebee class Bomber
- 1400 Multi-Tool Repair Drones
- 90 ELINT (ELectronic INTelligence) reconnaissance drones
- 250 Assault Drones
- 10 M-29-A Grizzly Tanks
- 25 M-35 Mako Tanks
- 25 M-44 Hammerhead Tanks

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Built and rendered in 3d Max 10
Background painted in Paint Shop Pro 7
Post Work in Adobe After Effects CS6
Mass Effect is (c) by Bioware & EA

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top work!

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EuderionHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you!
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rugalyttoHobbyist Digital Artist
How amazing work here ill do my wallpaper with it.
Thank you ;)
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EuderionHobbyist Digital Artist
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Does the Sagan have a main gun comparable to the Denali class? Or is it strictly a carrier only? I was wondering cause those two main guns look powerful.
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EuderionHobbyist Digital Artist
Main Guns are two space saving Thanix Cannons right above the two hangar entries. The two big holes in front are the hangars, not the weapons.
Also one of the primary weapons is the Heavy Javelin Torpedo Launcher at the bottom of the nose.
So, the Sagan dont have a Mass Accelerator as main gun, but Thanix weapons similar in firepower to an Reaper Main Gun.
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PaladinPainterProfessional Digital Artist
Well done !
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EuderionHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you!
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TheDubstepAddictHobbyist Traditional Artist
Meine Güte das Ding ist awesome
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EuderionHobbyist Digital Artist
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TheDubstepAddictHobbyist Traditional Artist
Kein Problem
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Rainbowhawk1993Hobbyist Writer
I assumed from Hackett's Monologue in the high EMS destroy ending that they could fix the relays in a matter of months because Hackett said in the Low EMS ending that the relays would take years to rebuild due to their damage. Guess it depends on how severe you interpret it as.

I assumed that some ships stayed behind Arcturus to repair that relay on their end and then go system by system. Plus with Rachnii on their side the Relays could be rebuilt in half or perhaps even a quarter of the time.
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EuderionHobbyist Digital Artist
I dont know. I think the repair of the relais will need decades or even a century before the former networks is restored. It will need decades to reach the outer rim relays. And repairing them is a special case. I mean its a 15 kilometer piece of high tech. It will need a while to repair one and go to the next.
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EuderionHobbyist Digital Artist
Yes. Maybe he was a "bit" negative, but as one of the famous scientist in 80s and 90s he deserved a admiring.
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i know who sagan is. That was a way of noticing the reference
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Oxygen supplies says the description, dont they have the possibility to split co2 in 2190?
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EuderionHobbyist Digital Artist
Maybe. It was never explained in the Mass Effect games. If so, the Biospheres are mainly for food production and the Oxygen output is just a side-product then.
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EuderionHobbyist Digital Artist
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You welcome!
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Arcturus Relay, you say is 37 ly away from the Sol system, yet a rate of 10 ly a day equates to a week-long trip?
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If I remember correctly, FTL travel in ME also requires dumping the static electrical charge from the drive in the atmosphere of an uninhabited planet, preferably a gas giant. The latter is preferable because it allows refueling of Helium-3 for fusion-drive fuel. 
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EuderionHobbyist Digital Artist
10 Ly per day is the maximum speed. The ship will not fly constant with max speed because of the mechanics of FTL. You need half the way to slowed down the ship and to discharged the immense heat FTL drive produces. To discharge the heat the ship must leave the FTL.
So, 4 Day would be needed if the ship are capable of maximum speed with 10 ly per Day. But with the stop to discharge the heat and new acceleration it needs a bit longer. So its "around" a week.
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