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SSV Ain Jalut

By Euderion
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The SSV Ain Jalut SR-2 was the second Normandy class Stealth Frigate. It is identical to the SSV Normandy, but this time is was built entirely by the alliance, without participation of the turians.
Launched nine months after the Normandy's destruction, the Ain Jalut was built to continue the experiment of this controversial design in the Alliance Navy. Particulars of its operations since then are classified though speculation has placed it in systems in the Attican Traverse, Skylian Verge and Terminus Systems and one publicized report put it at a batarian colony. Her successes and accomplishments following the loss of the Normandy helped put the class into production.

Rendered in 3d Max 10
Background Nebula painted in Paint Shop Pro 7
Post Work in Adobe After Effects CS4

Mass Effect is (c) by Bioware & EA

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You know, these old ME ships from the original trilogy gives me an idea for a story/side mission in a future Andromeda game.
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I didn't known that I will have to listen out for it.  YOu known for a crossover story I coming up with this is the ship that spctors like to use.
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As i know from Mass Effect 2, the Ain Jalut is a black ops ship that operate behind enemy lines. Maybe not a Spectre ship but maybe for N7 or Special Operations Commanders.
Tikam-Alun-Kunuri's avatar
The moment you realize it's an actual canon ship, not the fan fiction. O_O
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Yep, we hear about this ship in Mass Effect 2 on Illium and on Omega from the news speaker.
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The came the Normandy 2 and rendered this variant obsolete.
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Maybe they give her another registry after the Normandy 2 come out.
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I meant the ship CLASS becomes obsolete, not the designation.
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Hm, i dont think so. The Alliance use a lot of ship classes. The Normandy class is still a good solid ship. Its a good role for a light frigate. And if the Alliance reproduce the SR-2 from Cerberus, it would be a good heavy frigate.
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Maybe not a heavy frigate, but rather a SPECOPs frigate! That way the high cost and high end upgrades could be justified. First priority for SR2 ships would go to human SPECTREs with Marine Force Recon getting a few for themselves. The SR1s would become the default deep recon frigate for the fleet along side more standard frigates.
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Very nice!! Check out mine too yeah? (:
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Ain Jalut. I know I've heard of that place before. Place in Palestine thereabouts where a Mongolian army was destroyed by an Egyptian Mameluke army. I think it was about the 1250s or so.

Oh, and nice piece.
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Really like this, it looks so fast and sleek! :)
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Thank you! Glad you like it!
PistachioInfernal's avatar
Like it? I wanna drive it :D
Euderion's avatar
;-) Maybe in 200 Years.
PistachioInfernal's avatar
:tears: Sad tidings indeed.
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Nice job :D
I bet that people in Alliance got a headache when they discovered the existence of real, upgreaded SR2 Normandy :P
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:-) Yeah, maybe they give her another number.
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And another overwhelming work! 
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