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Razors - Systems Alliance Destroyers

New Mass Effect Fanart. A group of Razor class Destroyer of the Systems Alliance.

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A Destroyer is a classification of starship used by Humanity's Systems Alliance to describe starships with the relative low-cost and quick production time of a frigate and firepower closer to that of a cruiser. Destroyers are typically named after soldiers from Human wars. 

The Razor class is named after Annabelle Razor, a female French Soldier of the System Alliance. She was stationed in 2176 on the planet Anhur, a human and batarian colony. She led the Anhur Rebellions, a civil war waged over the practice of slavery, who later spread throughout the whole Amun system. With no official help from the Alliance, Razor hired the Eclipse mercenary group to help her fight the batarian pro-slavery Na'hesit faction. Razor was killed later that year in a Batarian attack later known as the Skyllian Blitz. She was rewarded postmortem with the Star of Terra, because her actions against the batarians led to a major six month Alliance offensive against Torfan and other batarian bases in the Skyllian Verge.

The Razor class is in service since 2183 shortly before the Battle at the Citadel. Production cost is nearly half from a basic cruiser like the Berlin class but with 75 percent of its power.
With a little more than 500 meter lenght, the ship is more agile than a cruiser with a weapon and engine output of 70 percent of a York class. It has 4 small hangar bays with 4 Kodiak Shuttlecrafts and 2 Hammerhead ground vehicles.

Main armament are the two Mass Accelerator Cannons in the front section of the ship. The 250-meter MACs are capable of accelerating two four-kilogram slugs to a velocity of 3050 km/s every ten seconds. Also in the front section is a "Giant Killer" torpedo launcher.
The Disruptor-Torpedos normally move slowly, but can cause massive damage to bigger/slower targets like dreadnoughts or stations even if they are shielded.

The Razor is the workhorse from all other Destroyer type vessels and the exact opposite of the Nelson class starship which was developed one year earlier. While the Nelson works under the maxime "Cunning over muscles", the Razors are more made for brute force. She lacks a bit of Broadside and Point Defense Weapons, which why she often acts in groups, but her two main guns and the Heavy Disruptor Torpedo Launcher made her ideal to Fight Capital Ships like Cruisers and even Dreadnoughts.

Rendered in 3d Max 10
Background Nebula painted in Paint Shop Pro 7
Post Work in Adobe After Effects CS6
Mass Effect is (c) by Bioware & EA

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Credo: stay away or else. :D (Big Grin) 
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I found a space ship arrtist cool! I love Space ships :D
Thanks for your cool pics :)
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Sehr gern geschehen. Freut mich das dir meine arbeiten gefallen! :salute: 
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Loved your stuff
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Thank you very much!
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You're welcome
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Did you know that this artwork is appearing on the "Undiscovered" home page of DeviantArt at the moment? :) Congratulations! Clap I find this odd, considering that you must be fairly well-known across both the ME and ST community here at DA but this great nonetheless because it gives you even more exposure. Nod  
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Its sometimes weid how the algorithms in the DeviantArt galleries work. Sometimes super famous artist were featured, and sometimes simply smut artworks popping up in the gallery. I have never found out what the criteria for them.
But nice to see my work there.
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