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Prothean Cruisers

By Euderion
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Done with the Prothean Cruiser so the basic shipclasses Frigate, cruiser and dreadnought are ready. Not 100 percent perfect, because there are still some holes in the wings, but okay for a quick build.
Maybe i try a small fighter next as last ship for the protheans before i go to the other races.

Quick Data
Category: Cruiser
Class: Perihelion
Length: 780 m
Crew: around 650 + Ground Troops

The Perihelion class is a second generation cruiser with a strong armor, a stealth engine and multiple particle beams.

Built and rendered in 3d Max 10
Background made in Paint Shop Pro 7
No Post Work

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© 2015 - 2021 Euderion
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I see what you did there ^^

You mirrored the style of the Prothean Beam Rifle into a space ship design, clever.
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It was the best thing to to, to get a feeling for the Protheans. The Particle Rifle is almost the only military tech we ever saw from them. And what works for the Halo games should also work in Mass Effect. :-)
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Cool design with the ship. :D
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You're so welcome! :hug:
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I am a sucker for celestial themed pieces. Yours are so professional and detailed. I have a lot to look up to. q.q
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Thank you very much!
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Is this your universe sir?
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No, the Protheans were an extincted race in the SciFi Game Mass Effect. They were wiped out 50,000 years ago by the Reapers. This is my try to show how their ships look like.
More about the Protheans in the wiki:…
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Ah right! Thanks sir :D
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Took a little inspiration from the Forerunners from that other epic Sc-fi universe? Nice BTW.
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Cannot say much about Halo or the Forerunners. Never played the games. (PC-User) So more a coincidence that the design resemble each other.
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Well regardless, nice work.
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Ausgezeichnete Arbeit, Euderion. Ich war von der Realitätssinn, der das Bild gibt beeindruckt. Grün Nebula, sind Brauntöne und Reflexe wirklich fantastisch.Clap Clap Clap Clap +fav 

Excellent work,
Euderion. I have been impressed the sense of reality, that gives the image. Green Nebula, brown tones and reflexes are really fantastic.Clap Clap Clap Clap +fav 

Excelente trabajo, Euderion. Me ha impresionado la sensación de realidad, que da la imagen. El verde de la nebulosa, los tonos marrones y los reflejos, son realmente fantasticos.Clap Clap Clap Clap +fav 
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Thank you very much! Very glad you like it!
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Beautiful work mate, love them very Prothean in their design. 
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Thanks! Glad it is recognize as prothean.
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These cruisers look pretty epic, especially the positioning of them.  It seems like an actual combat formation.  Keep up the awesome work, man!
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