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Promethean Offspring - Ares class

The late 24th, early 25th Century Ares class.

By 2374, the USS Prometheus had been in service for almost a year. The design had proved successful but the highly complex separation systems, while making the Prometheus Class formidable, also made her resource intensive with each vessel projected to take a significant length of time to build, making it ultimately unsuitable for mass production. Command desired a ship that could be built in greater numbers yet still retain as many of positive qualities of the Prometheus Class as possible.

By the end of the Dominion War, with the Federation still standing, the design had been completed and the project, named Ares, was one of the first to be started after the peace accords were signed. As instructed, the design was based heavily on the Prometheus, however all the systems required for MVAM removed. In an attempt to make up for this lack of separation abilities, the Ares sported an experimental enhancement to the Type-XII phaser arrays, which was aimed at making them more efficient and more resistant to battle damage.
Despite still remaining a vessel focused on tactical strength, the Ares design featured more space for science facilities than the Prometheus; while it would still be outclassed in this area by dedicated Science and exploration orientated classes.

The prototype USS Ares was launched for testing in December 2377. By late 2380, the first series of the completed Ares class vessels were flowing from the shipyards. So far the class has proved to an excellent tactical vessel in the field while still remaining a capable explorer in peace time.
In 2381 and 2382 Starfleet began a fleet wide upgrade with the new Quantum Slipstream Drive and the second series of Ares class ships were also updated with the new "Sprint Drive".

Class: Ares
Type: Destroyer / Rapid Response Vessel
Length: 454 meters
Decks: 12
Crew: 210
Speed: Warp 9.975 (for 12 hours)

Rendered in 3d Max 10
No Post Work
Planet Background by NASA
Ares class by Roscoe McCord aka "Marklar"
Arrow class Runabout by Mark Azevedo
Danube class Runabout by Thomas Slanitz

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beautiful. well done

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Really great work

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Die Ares-Klasse! Ewig her, daß ich ein Bild von dieser Schönheit sah! Aber was die Zahlen anbelangt, habe ich Zweifel aufgrund der Fenstergröße und der Größe des Brückenmoduls. 454 Meter Länge erscheinen mir zu knapp bemessen, es sei denn, die Crew hat ne durchschnittliche Körpergröße von 1,20 m und die Decks sind bloß 1,60 m. Habe mal, ausgehend von einer durchschnittlichen Deckhöhe von 3,50 m in Relation zur Größe der Fenster und des Brückenmoduls versucht, eigene Zahlen aufzustellen und bin bei 700 m Länge, 238 m Breite und 75 m Höhe rausgekommen.
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WOW wicklich wunderschöne. Und der kleine Runabout:happybounce: CURSE YOU! :) (Smile) 
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Hey, do you have a link to the mesh?

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It still has the problem that aall Federation designs have (for me anyway). But it looks good regardless 
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Very bold design indeed. Those maneuvering impulse engines along the saucer section look quite formidable. I like those glowing golden bands running down the Nacells as well, a nice subtle lift and modernization from the Galaxy class. It can look futuristic but still classy after all heheh

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Thanks alot! Glad you like it!
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That's big and imposing ship. Clap 
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I'll take your entire stock!
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LOOKZ* amazing ;) :D

Thanks for this amazing Pic =)
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