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Perihelion class

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Another image with my beefed up Prothean cruiser, the main battleship of the Prothean Empire. 5 years ago i threw this model together rather hastily to create the Prothean fleet. It had lots of holes and errors, but was okay for that time. Now i wanted to correct some parts and while i was at it, i upgraded the ship a little with new armor plates and lots of little details. The textures are still from the Prothean Particle Rifle from Mass Effect 3 that I used back then to use a component that we were familiar with to recognize them as Prothean.

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Quick Data
Category: Cruiser
Class: Perihelion
Length: 780 m
Crew: around 650 + Ground Troops

The 780 meters long Perihelion class is a Prothean Empire cruiser with a strong armor, a stealth engine and multiple particle beams and mass accelerator guns. It is the standard battleship of the prothean navy encountered away from large naval bases and form the backbone of the fleet. At the height of the prothean empire, the protheans had multiple thousands of these ships to control the whole known galaxy. The Perihelion class was heavily used in a conflict known as the Metacon War, a centuries long, galaxy wide conflict against a artificial lifeform known as the Zha'til.

Build and rendered in 3d Max 10
No Post Work
Mass Effect is (c) by Bioware & EA

More pics with the cruiser:

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If Jaavik is in command just keep clear of airlocks. :giggle:

Awesome render.

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Great image, I just wonder if that fill-light was really needed. It looks a bit "too much", breaking the 'this could be real' barrier, for me that is at least. :)

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I usually used these fill lights to merge the different layers. Space, Planet and Starship. To give them a additional light source that affects all objects / layers equally.

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Wow this is so cool!!!!

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Nice! need some other angles of this fine lady

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