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Peregrine Attack Fighter


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Starfleet Attack Fighter, the Peregrine class.

The Starfleet Peregrine Fighters have been in operation for over forty years. At that time they were originally planned as courier ships that were small enough to carry sensitive messages undetected. Previous spacecraft of this specification were either too limited in their range and required a shuttle carrier or a space base from which to operate. To compensate for this lack, it was decided to strive for a ship that had both the agility of a fighter, but also the range to be able to fly missions independently of a refueling base. Soon after this type of ship went into production in 2337, it developed into a very successful series model. Over 10,000 units have been put into service so far.

In 2370 these ships were eventually misappropriated when the Maquis stole and significantly upgraded a large number of these small ships. These ships soon had phaser cannons, photon torpedoes, and current units even had quantum torpedoes, which made them a real threat to capital ships.

Even if Starfleet did not initially approve of the fact that the Peregrine class was used for military purposes, it had to realize during the Dominion War that the Maquis was not wrong to use the Peregrine class. The ships proved to be useful to minimize potential losses of life, but still remain powerful. Used correctly, a squadron of five to seven Peregrine Units were able to destroy a Cardassian Galor class cruiser.

Large numbers of fighters were used by Starfleet in the Dominion War. During Operation Return, eight successive waves of fighters were sent to attack the Cardassian ships of a Dominion fleet, hoping to provoke them into breaking formation and creating an opening for the Federation fleet. They were also present at the Second Battle of Chin'toka.
Some Carrierships such as the Akira class or the Curry class had squadrons of Peregrine fighter on board and a large number of Federation fighters were also assigned to protect Earth during the Dominion War. During the Breen assault in late 2375, Peregrine fighters were scrambled to engage the Breen fighters that had entered Earth's atmosphere.

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Peregrine class by Hangar-B- Production
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elas são as minhas preferidas.

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Awesome work. Carriers and fighter will always be essential.

The future of fight jets.

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I'm very impressed by this pic, you should make a folder for Star Fighters.

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Thank you very much!

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When I saw this I thought of the Longsword fighters from halo.

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Maybe the Longsword was influenced by the Peregrine design. Who knows where the designers get their inspiration from?

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Also reminds me of the Halo Longsword-class Interceptors

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Maybe from the bottom view, yes you are right. But the Peregrine was first seen in 1994, Halo's Longsword came 2004. So its more the other way around, the Longsword reminds of the Peregrine.

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I love these fighters, but to me they seem more like PT boats

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Thankfully not in the missing man formation.
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I like the Callisto frigates, a bit larger and also punching above their weight

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yes the Peregrine, the first (practical) starfighter in the history of Star Trek

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The first canon one.

Until the Dominion War, fighters just weren't practical in the Star Trek universe. That only changed with the arrival of the Jem'Hadar's Polaron weapons.

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We tailored these ships specifically for Cardassians, Mister Garak.

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