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Over Mars

USS Euderion NCC-62470 over Mars.
The third Starfleet ship with the Name "Euderion". The NCC-62470, a New Orleans class frigate which operated from 2343 to 2349.

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The New Orleans class frigates entered service in the early 24th century and remained in service until the 2370s, at least. Because of tensions between the Federation and the Cardassians, this class was developed with tactical missions in mind. For her size the New Orleans class was well armed.
The vessels crewed 550 officers and crew, with room for up to 1,600 passengers. Additionally, the New Orleans could carry 4,200 persons in an evacuation situation and measured 345 meters in length.

The New Orleans used warp engines rated to cruise at warp factor 5 and max out at warp factor 9, with an upper maximum of warp 9.3 sustainable for 12 hours. The weapons had a 720 degree arc phaser emitter, with forward, aft, port and starboard firing arcs. The vessels had two standard photon torpedo launchers  but due to the module nature of the ship it is possible to increased this number. Every Launcher is capable firing spreads of 8 torpedoes from a magazine of 200.

New Orleans class ship could carry three modular pods. Two on top, and a third on bottom. Depending on the mission, these pods can be equipped or completely exchanged. There are many different variants, for example torpedopods, sensor pods, tractor beam pods, hangar pods or deflector pods. The USS Euderion carried two science and sensor pods on the top and one weapon pod on the bottom.

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Post Work in Paint Shop Pro 7
New Orleans class by David Metlesits thefirstfleet
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Never been a fan the weapons pod. You'd think everyone would try to take it out first.

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Pod or not, if someone want to take out the weapons he simply shoot at them. It doesnt matter if they are built into a pod or into the hull.

And not to forget, not all of the weapons are in the pods. Pods are just an additional module to the normal spaceship to increase its performance.

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One thing I never figured out when the Enterprise's torpedo hit Reliant's pod, all the torpedoes inside didn't detonate.

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If i had the Technical Manual right in mind, all of the Torpedos had a own force shield to seperate the antimatter from the deuterium. So as long nobody fires on the torpedo shells itself, they should be safe.

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USS Euderion(s) most famous ships in Starfleet's history. So many of them. :D

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Only five. (so far) :D

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No, I don't think I'll ever get over Macho Grande... Err, I meant Mars.

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Oh wow! Very cool. <3

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Thank you very much!

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Thank you very much!

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Excellent job :)

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You're welcoooome.

Your welcome 🙏
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Damn... Picard

Captain Freeman is in command of a New Orleans class USS Cerritos B? So much for Lower Decks...

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