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Nelson class Destroyer

The Nelson class Destroyer of the Systems Alliance. A concept i had in mind for quite some time, now i finally made it.

Destroyer type vessels are typically midsize starships with the agility and speed of an Frigate and firepower more closer to an cruiser. With that, they are able to quick hit and run maneuvers even against bigger starships like Heavy cruisers or Dreadnoughts. They are good shielded with Mass Effect Barriers, but they lack heavy armor which why they often need support from Cruisers which can draw the fire upon themself.

The Nelson class is 533 meter in length and the largest Destroyer type vessel the System Alliance own. Commissioned in 2182 to the same time as the Envoy class Diplomatic Escort with which the Nelson share some design elements.
In the Reaper War, Nelson Destroyers were often used for Guerilla tactics to keep the invaders busy and
to delay the advance of the troops.
The Nelson class is well known as the first Alliance ship that was equipped in series with
ultraviolet antiship GARDIAN lasers, which are more expensive and energy demanding than standard infrared lasers, but more effective in range and power.

Destroyer type vessels in the Systems Alliance are usually named after military leader. The Nelson class is named after Horatio Nelson
a British naval commander and national hero, famous for his naval victories against the French during the Napoleonic Wars.

Build and rendered in 3d Max 10
Background Nebula painted in Paint Shop Pro 7
Mass Effect is (c) by Bioware & EA

Like Mass Effect Destroyer types? Watch this:

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Bringing some friends by Euderion Asari Destroyer by Euderion Alliance Envoy class by Euderion
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😲Extremely cool❕
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👦🏻Your welcomed wanna be friends❓
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A Battlecruiser concept I'd suggest. Take inspiration from the German version of Battlecruiser. Have a ship with Dreadnought armor & shields but carry tons & tons of cruiser grade weapons and cruiser speed. Basically a more dps focused Dreadnought that doesn't count as a dreadnought by the treaties's definition.

The lore reason for this is as I mentioned, have a dreadnought that doesn't count against the treaty limit.

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Beautiful work

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Love the sleek design. Very nice

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That´s got a nice, sleek look. Good Job.

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Thank you very much!
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Its always strikes me as odd that people use the the shorten from of Submarine Destroyer as just a larger Escort. 
Forgive my ramblings.  This is still a great looking ship.
Thank you for sharing.
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The Destroyer classification is meanwhile a independent type of vessel, not anymore only for anti-submarine or anti-torpedo boats. Todays Destroyers are multi-purpose ships used mostly as surface vessels and escorts.
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It is funny how something that was once so specialize have become something so generic/multi-purpose. 
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Yeah! Designed to plow through scumbags. La la la la  (for folks not familiar with battle of Trafalgar - reference to tactics used by Nelson)

No prisoners, no mercy. Sweating a little... 

Very nicely done. Man you need to get a job for Mass Effect 4 at Bioware. Nod 
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Thank you very much!
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You are very welcome and inspiring
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If BioWare decides to reboot Mass Effect in the future, they should most definitely hire you for ship design. Come to think of it, have you ever freelanced for concept artist for Indie companies? Because if I became a game director, I'd most defiantly hire you for ship design. And Shue13 for concept artist. 

Anyway nice work.
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I have done some bits for Nintento (Starfox) and some very small model works for independent game developers, but more for the fun thing.
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Now that is a very interesting design!
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Tastefully made, still human looking but with some good new direction in ship creation
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Thank you very much!
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