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Mass Effect Size Comparison with Kalros



After i made my Mass Effect Size Comparisons, alot of people asked me how big the Thresher Maws and Kalros are. So here is the answer.
I added some known ships like the Alliance Cruisers or the Reapers to demonstrate the massive size of Kalros.

The common Thresher Maw we see in Mass Effect 1 and 2 are around 90 m based on the Codex entries and the wiki wich stated: "They can grow in excess of 30 meters above the ground, with a body nearly twice that size beneath the surface."
For Kalros i simply scale up the basic Thresher Maw until it match to the Reaper Destroyer wich epic fight we see in Mass Effect 3. So Kalros must be around 3 km long. Thats a big worm, right?

I use mostly the Reference pictures from :icontroodon80: for the starship side views.
Mass Effect is (c) by Bioware & EA

Use the download function for the full size!!!

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Woah... this is new, and extremely useful, information to me.