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Mass Effect Medium Size Starship Chart



Mass Effect Starship Overview - Medium Size Dreadnoughts, Cruisers and Frigates.

Since the larger ships such as the Reaper, the collectors or the Destiny Ascension make the other ships rather in the shadows, here again an overview of the mid size ships of the Mass Effect universe.

To a large extent the size are purely estimates, as there are virtually no official data.
I use some of the game models and there ingame model size as well as screenshots from the cinematics to compare the ships.
But unfortunately the sizes dont match even in the cinematics. I try to compensate the mix between codex entrys and the sizes from the cinematics.

If you have additions, message me, I dont bite.

Most of the ships are rendered in 3d Max 10
I used some reference pictures from :icontroodon80:

Reaper Slaughter Ship and Volus Dreadnought
by :iconmelllin: Slaughter Ship retextured by me.
Turian Dreadnought by :iconnach77:
Cerberus Dreadnought, Cerberus Frigate, Turian Frigate and Alamo class by Lord Set
Mass Effect is (c) by Bioware & EA

I have made three more Mass Effect Size Comparison charts:
- Capital Starship Side View Comparison:
- Capital Starship Top View Comparison:

- Station and Big Ships Comparison:

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