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Mass Effect Medium Size Starship Chart

Mass Effect Starship Overview - Medium Size Dreadnoughts, Cruisers and Frigates.

Since the larger ships such as the Reaper, the collectors or the Destiny Ascension make the other ships rather in the shadows, here again an overview of the mid size ships of the Mass Effect universe.

To a large extent the size are purely estimates, as there are virtually no official data.
I use some of the game models and there ingame model size as well as screenshots from the cinematics to compare the ships.
But unfortunately the sizes dont match even in the cinematics. I try to compensate the mix between codex entrys and the sizes from the cinematics.

If you have additions, message me, I dont bite.

Most of the ships are rendered in 3d Max 10
I used some reference pictures from :icontroodon80:

Reaper Slaughter Ship and Volus Dreadnought
by :iconmelllin: Slaughter Ship retextured by me.
Turian Dreadnought by :iconnach77:
Cerberus Dreadnought, Cerberus Frigate, Turian Frigate and Alamo class by Lord Set
Mass Effect is (c) by Bioware & EA

I have made three more Mass Effect Size Comparison charts:
- Capital Starship Side View Comparison:
- Capital Starship Top View Comparison:

- Station and Big Ships Comparison:

More Mass Effect Wallpapers? Watch this:

Mass Effect Stations/Big Ships Size Comparison by Euderion Mass Effect Top View Size Comparison Chart by Euderion Mass Effect Starship Size Chart Comparison by Euderion
Alliance Backbone by Euderion Omega by Euderion Admiral of the Flotilla by Euderion
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No carriers?
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Thats only a canon size comparison with ships we saw in the games. We never have seen a Carrier in Mass Effect.

I have included Fandesigned ship in this bigger Comparison which had Carriers.

Ultimate Mass Effect Starship Size Comparison by Euderion
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I come from the mystical land of Grass Effect, don't judge me. 
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good work, toll gerendert, good design :)
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The Geneva class is a cruiser, a decommitioned class of Alliance warships. What you call Geneva class as a frigate is a ship that apears to be of a civilian intended design, is called "cruse shuttle", and likely a civilian ferry.
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The "Shuttle cruiser" is a light armed ship, but in my opinion not a civilian ship. Cerberus use that ship as science vessels and as scout frigate as we see it in ME2 and the Comics.
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Yeah, we also see it in Grunts loyality mission, some krogan arrive in it. So a krogan frigate?
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You kinda hit the nail on the head in your first post "decommissioned" and in military terms that means mothballed for the most part but if they need space for the new equipment they will basically put it up for sale on the surplus market to get rid of it as soon as they are able to.

That's the main reason the Quarian flotilla for example is so huge and varied, it has ships in it that have been deemed obsolete/decommissioned by all the races in the ME Universe and were sold on for space clearing and freeing up maintenance crews, even an obsolete/decommissioned vehicle still needs to have some maintenance done on it so it can be put back into service if the need is great enough to field older stuff and it still needs to be stored away as well.

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Gut gemacht, nice work
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Thanks muchly!
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I have a question: for the ships whose lengths have either been stated in the Codex, or have been directly mentioned in dialogue, like the Geth dreadnought being 30% larger than an Alliance dreadnought, why did you try to extrapolate their sizes from what was seen on the screen instead of using the numbers already presented for them?
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I have tryed to use any data the games gives us. These are the ingame models, the cinematic videos and the codex. But for the most ships these data dont match.
For the Geth Dreadnought i have three more or less official data.
First the game model. Compared to other ingame models it is 1066 m.
Second, Edis comments about the Dread and the codex says it is 30 precent larger than an Alliance Dread. So, we have at least 2 Dreadnought for the Alliance. The 1 km one and the older 888 m one. Which one is taken now best known for the calculation?
And the third data
we can take from the cinematic scene. In there the Dreadnough is realy big. Compared to the Normandy and the Quarian ships it must be around 2 km.
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Isn't 130% of 888 metres rougthly 1066m?
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Well, the Geth Dreadnought is ofc bigger than 1066 m since it's supposedly 30% larger than an alliance dreadnought. (And they DO mean length as they state the main gun would be much stronger because of it, and ME guns strength comes from the length of the gun, not the tonnage of the ship the gun is mounted upon.)
So the size of the GD would be somewhere in the range of 1275-1325 m. (for simple approximation rules sake)
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If we country the lenth of the gun its not fair to count the Kilimanjaro class, they dont have a long gun, but 156 broadside rapid fire guns instead. So, the comparision must be with the Everest as it is the only Alliance dreadnougths with a long gun.
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Yeah, i know that. The Geth Dreadnought is together with the Destiny Ascension the biggest problem. My date was from the game model itself. Compared to other ingame models the ship is 1066 m. I know, this is not right, but it was the first size data i have for the dread to the time i made this comparison. From the comment of Edi the Dread must be around 1300 m.
And then there is a third size data. If you compared the quarian cruisers in the battle cinematics against the Geth Dreadnought you see, that the dread must be alot bigger than 1300 m. More around 2 km.

Its a big problem the most ships in Mass Effect have. The data we have from codex and other ingame textes dont fit to the cinematic movies.
I already think about to create a new comparison.
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Superb work mate :) Very nice indeed :salute:
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Thank you very much!
How did you get the classes name of the frigates and cruiser?
Is it your own assumption or is there a posted database for I never think they ever gave the classes names except for the Dreadnaught of the human and one class of the Turians (Condor). Not even the Normandy ship class is given. Well good job, regradless.
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