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Mass Effect Andromeda - Apex Team returns

A Apex Strike team returns to the Nexus Space Station.

After the arrival of the Initiative in the Andromeda Galaxy, the recently formed militia in the Nexus began recruiting anyone, soldier or mercenary, to serve on the front lines in the APEX Strike Teams. Strike teams are armed squads specialized in assault and extraction missions leaded by Nexus' security officer Tiran Kandros. They serve as Nexus's Firepower to protect and help the colonization in the Heleus Cluster. Enrollment lists show over 300 active members with 150 in reserve, from a variety of species and combat backgrounds.

The 15,47 kilometer long Space Station Nexus is intended to be the central hub of the Andromeda Initiative. Taking inspiration from the much larger Citadel, the Nexus contains features comparable in form and function to those found in the Milky Way station and houses the command echelons of the project. From here basically every mission for the Apex teams was planned, executed and evaluated.

Rendered in 3d Max 10
Post Work in Paint Shop Pro 7
Nexus, Arks & Shuyak Shuttle provided by nach77
Mass Effect & Mass Effect Andromeda is (c) by Bioware & EA

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Nice one!

Speaking of multiplayer and Apex, once I got the Angara characters, I’ve been pretty much playing only as them! :)

Jaal Ama Darav and the Angara (along with the Kett) are my favorite things about Andromeda.

(warning: possible unpopular opinion ahead)

Read the comments and wanted to say that Mass Effect: Andromeda is my favorite game alongside Mass Effect 1. Yes, it does have its flaws, but it has so much fanfic potential that I refuse to let go to waste.

I consider Mass Effect 3 to be the worst of the series. Here are some of my reasons-

1. The Crucible. For me, the whole thing is just...unbelievable, breaks my suspension of disbelief. I just couldn’t take it seriously. And plus, the fact it comes out of nowhere in the third game, right as the Reapers attack Earth? Who is to say it isn’t a trap?

2. The Rannoch Reaper battle- the way Shepard fights it, the Reaper could have easily just swept its death beam across the ledge. Why couldn’t we just stay on the Geth transport? That could have been an epic fight! Blasting it while Legion drives and avoids the Reaper’s attempts to blast the transport. That orbital bombardment targeting gun could have been done on that transport too.

3. The Catalyst- why couldn’t it have been really Harbinger assuming a ‘form and voice you are comfortable with’ and the Crucible be really a trap? It would be a horrific thing, yes, but if they had thought ahead with Andromeda, it could have been...something really interesting. It would be like those in Andromeda would be the last of the races of our cycle in the Milky Way.

4. The reason for the Reaper cycles- The reason for the Reaper cycles just weak, and felt it made the Reapers less scary. I liked the idea of them being unknowable eldritch abomination horrors as the first two games built them up to be, with Mass Effect 2 revealing the horrific process of making a new Reaper. It felt like a build up to some horrifying reveal in Mass Effect 3. And would work really well for why they don’t go to Andromeda, after all, eldritch abominations can be so alien that we can only theorize on anything about them.

5. And last the endings, I know it has been done to death, but there’s a reason I now prefer Refusal: Destroy? Genocide since the Geth all die, and most likely EDI. Control? Sounds like a good idea at first, but what happens with the passage of the ages, would you become the very monsters and resume what you sought to control and put a stop to. Synthesis? Is presented as the ‘Golden Ending’, but is full of unfortunate implications since you are forcing a change on everyone without their consent. And does everyone lose their free will? Since there’s characters that absolutely hate synthetics and would find Synthesis revolting.

(Sorry about the long comment.)

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I agree with everything - except 2 things.
Yes, I actually prefer MAE to the other games. It still has that exploring feeling after I've played through the whole game three times. (I've done New Game+, so I have over 180 hours so far.) In ME1 you're just seeing things other races have already discovered or built. But here, it's actually YOU who's both discovering a long lost civilization - that wants to kill you, but that's beside the point - and building outposts. It feels more like an exploring game, which I love.

Jaal was fun the first 2 times, but now I only bring him with me to Voeld and to see the origin of his people. Other than that, it's always Drack and Vetra/Cora. Kinda wish they had that achievement in MAE like they did in ME1, where you have to spend the majority of the game with a certain character to get. Because if you always use the same character while replaying the game, you'll always get the same dialogue. But that's just me.

1. I agree, it felt a bit like it was showed in the game at the last second. Would make more sense if there was a mission in ME2 where you found some vital information and you sent it on to Admiral Hackett or something.

2. I don't remember the entire arc with Rannoch to be honest. I just like how the Geth and Quarian finally lays down their weapons and join hands to sing Kumbaya. (Yes, I always play peace keeper, don't judge me.)

4. Yeah I know. Pretty bad conclusion after 3 whole games. Just glad we got to know this in the END of the game and not in the beginning of the game. Don't think many would've kept playing if they knew. 

5. Totally agree. With everything. :)
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Agreed about the exploring aspect, one of the things I loved about ME: A. :)

That is understandable about the characters. I’ve only have two play-throughs so far, the second is in progress.

1. Agreed, that would have made it better.

2. That is understandable. I went for peace between the Quarians and the Geth too. :)

4. True, in hindsight glad it is at the end of the game, at least it was almost over.

Shame Andromeda was so subpar
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Its probably the same old EA problem. I wonder how they even made money from one failure to another. Andromeda covered their production money, but was far from a success. Same for their new game Anthem which was priced as their new hope for EA. Seven month after the game release, they finally added a main storyline... right now, most of the casual gamers are already gone, playing the next game.
Didn't bother with Anthem.
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I hope Quarians arrived already. Nod 

Expected you'll do some DS9 themed work in tribute to the What We Left Behind release.

Amazing stuff! La la la la Heart 
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If i have it right in mind, the Quarians needed 30 years more to reach the Nexus due to the sabotage of their Ark.
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Maknyuusss Tenannnn....Amazing Bro.

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Cool artwork, too bad all hype for the game is dead in space.
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Yeah, Andromeda wasnt what we could expected after five years of development.
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Great image!
Reminds me I still need to play Andromeda.
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Not the best Mass Effect game but ok if you dont await too much.
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LOVE the picture - and nice working on completing the Nexus! It looks really great! :) But like someone else said, I never really liked the Nexus as well. Since it drew inspiration from the Citadel, they should have done something so that it could close itself, like the Citadel can. This one feels.. I don't know, unfinished?
Also, don't want to sound like a nit-pick - think that's the right word - but shouldn't there be three arks? If the Nexus is finished, this must be after the Hyperion crashed on Meridian, and the Turian ark should've been fixed by now, right? It does say on the Wikia page "Due to hull instability, moving the Natanus would be ill-advised, but it should be safe for a recovery team to extract the remaining stasis pods", but still?

In any case, love the picture, and hope to see more like this. Do you have any plans on making one with an expanded Prodromos? Or New Tuchanka (with the Initiative)? Would love to see any more you have planned? :)
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From my knowledge, the Natanus was given up. Nexus recover the 15000 stasis pods (and probably all goods and techs) but the ship itself was lost.

For future plans i wanted to try a couple Angaran ships, or maybe a mixed cruiser Angaran/Remnant/Initiative.
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