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Lower Decks Kumari Variant

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Super quick one.
A couple Days ago, Paramount+ released a half minute long Teaser for the second Season of "Star Trek - Lower Decks". In this we saw a shot with a federation starbase with docked ships. Besides Daedalus class ships, a Ju'day Courier ship (Maquis Raider) and of course the Cerritos, we saw a new version of the andorian Kumari class cruisers. The ship had a different angle for the outer weapon wings and two triangular fins on top and bottom of the engine section. I just wanted to do a quick image of the ship.

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Kumari class by David Metlesits thefirstfleet

More Andorian designs:

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First the Vulcan shuttle and now this are they implying the founding members of t he Federation didn’t share ships or technology?

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Im pretty sure they do. But they still have an own fleet. Only because they are member of the federation doesnt mean they dont have an own Navy or police forces.

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In one of the novels, this was an Andorian ship shown. We also know that the Vulcans still have some of their own ships in the 24th Century, given the TNG Episodes Unification.

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Pretty cool. Hardly see Andorian ships since they are one of the founding members of the Federation

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What ships like this tell me is that Starfleet's constant introduction of new ship designs is the exception rather than the rule for interstellar powers.

I wonder if the finned variant was meant to be, or inspired by this

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Ah, thats the Andorian Scoutship. Here is a better view:

Possible that they orientated on them. Hope we will see more of them in the episodes.

That looks a lot different close up then I expected haha.

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