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Lifesize Star Trek Exocomp Prop

Model  Exocomp
A first image for the Exocomp Prop i built for the Star Trek Euderion Fanfilms.
The Exocomp named "C.A.R.L." - Cybernetic Apparatus for Research Labour - will be part of the crew of the USS Euderion in our future fanfilms.
The Exocomps were seen in the Star Trek The Next Generation Episode "The Quality of Life", and later in the animated Show Star Trek Lower Decks "No small Parts".

Exocomps were originally developed as worker drones by the Tyran scientist Doctor Farallon. Since it is equipped with a micro replication system, they can not only manufacture any tools they want, they can also use it to establish new internal circuit paths. So they learn and can identify and solve problems on their own. The more tasks they are entrusted with, the more intelligent they become, which eventually led to awareness. At the end of the 2370s, the Federation recognized the Exocomps as an intelligent way of artificial life, some have even joined Starfleet.

The Prop was primary made from E.V.A. Foam so that it remains light and easy to handle in front of the camera. It took about two months to build. Thomas Raube (me) built the prop itself, Tom Erdmann made the electronics such as the lights and the moving "ears".
In Phase 2 he will get a soundboard, a magnetic front device to hold tools and instrument and on bottom a grip to handle him in front of the camera without seeing the prop operator.

I have a short YouTube Video to show the working lights and ears here:

And if you have Facebook, you can watch my whole step to step gallery with over 100 images from the production:…
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Mightily impressive. :)

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Thank you very much!

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Thats pretty cool 🖖

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Wow it peanut hamper .

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Is it related to the Exocomp on Lower Decks?

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Hopefully more honourable and reliable than Peanut Hamper, lol.

Great looking prop!

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Drunk Data Finger Wag

I took CARL to Ten Forward. Did you know that Exocomps get really loud when they are as drunk as I am?

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