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Fuck God, i worship Kukulkan. :worship: remake

Kukulkan was a being of immense power, he comes from a race that was spacefaring and powerful before humanity even discovered fire. Lonely, he traveled to Earth to teach the civilizations there peaceful ways, so they would not go the way of his own once-destructive civilization.
On his visit, he was instrumental in the technological and architectural advances of the Egyptian, Mayan, and Aztec civilizations. He also taught them new techniques in art and agriculture. He hoped that they would combine this knowledge to complete Kukulkan's city and live in peace.
Kukulkan's visit to Earth is manifested in history by legends of a winged serpent creature that came from the sky bringing knowledge. These records were available in the library computer of the USS Enterprise.
He has also been identified with the lore of Quetzalcoatl, as well as the legend of the Chinese dragon.

Freely adapted from the Star Trek The animated series (TAS) Episode "How Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth" in which the USS Enterprise encounter Kukulkan, a ancient being and the last of his species.

Rendered in 3d Max 10
No Post Work

Constitution class model by Jason "Vektor" Lee
Kukulkan by SMITE

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*Sighs.* We miss you...Kukulkan