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I dont think this is Santa

By Euderion
I dont think this is Santa ;-)

Its X-Mas 2374. The Alpha Quadrant is in War with the Dominion. The Breen Confederation joined the enemy and destroyed several fleet of the allied forces. The Federation suggested a hidden meeting of the three great powers of the Alpha Quadrant to discuss the situation.
The Romulan Ambassador has an predilection for an great performance. His giant Warbird decloaked directly over the Groombridge Colony and shooed the starfleet personnel.

"I dont think this is Santa" said one of the Pilots...

Rendered in 3d Max 10
Post Production with Paint Shop Pro 7

Kerchan Warbird by Rick "Hobbes" Snider
Typ 2 Shuttlecraft by Squapper
Runabout by Dan Cout
Buildings by Zorbi
Travel Capsule by unknown

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How to get shot at by planetary defences by being an insufferable show-off.
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So epic!
This made me laugh my butt off ^^
(Hooray for random act of Romulan appearance! One HAS to love'em! ^^)
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Excellent! ;) :thumbsup: Great detail!
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Thank you very much!
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You're very welcome! ;)
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That is totally something the Romulans would do.
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That's pretty cool, is that actually from Star Trek.
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Thanks muchly!!! Its my own interpretation of a federation base.
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Many thanks! Glad you like it!
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Awww! I would love to see a pointy-eared Santa! ;-)

This is a great picture, I love it!
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Yes, yes, yes. Give us a pointy-eared Santa! Pleeeeaaaase:D
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Thanks muchly!
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how did u do this?? It's great.
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The Basic is rendered in a 3d Program. The Snow and the mountains is made in Paint Shop Pro 7 postwork.
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So much detail, this is fantastic!
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Thanks, Glad you like it.!
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very much welcome :)
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