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Hoshis Nebula

“There are two means of refuge from the miseries of life: arts and cats.”
Kitty Cat 2 

Hoshi, the cat of two of my friends went over the rainbow bridge today. I painted this as a tribute.

Done in Paint Shop Pro 7 with some lighting post work in Adobe After Effects CS6
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this cat wouldn't happened to have been named after a certain linguist/communication's officer of the Enterprise NX-01 played by the actress Linda Park, would it? Also, my condolences go to your friend, I to have had many pets make that journey; mainly cats, but I've also had certain reptilian pets make the same journey as well, but it's not as bad as loosing a friend that snuggles up with you in your arms and purrs

One reason I ask is that its an interesting coincidence that my main character's backstory in Star Trek Online involves her being raised by her adoptive parents; one of which was the descendant of the aforementioned comm. officer/linguist and has her family name of Sato

Beautiful work. You are probably the only person other than myself still using PSP7. I'm no artist, but I use it for its easy image tweaking effects (correcting lighting in photographs and such). It's lightweight, it's fast, and it just works well.

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Even if it is 20 years old now, Paint Shop Pro 7 is still a powerful tool. And it was the last version that doesnt try to copycat Photoshop. I also have Photoshop in my software arsenal, but Paint Shop will always be more intuitive and not as bloated as Photoshop.

Infinitely Beautiful

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Your welcome 🙏
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God Speed, Hoshi.

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Is this supposed to look like a burning cat? Because I see a burning cat! Seems chill af about being on fire, but a burning cat all the same. :D

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Its a space nebula in shape of a cat.

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Is it an actual nebula? I've never heard of it and I'm interested in and usually fairly aware of actual astronomical places and events. So for now I'm assuming its a fictional nebula rather than proof that God has a cat watching over us. Especially as Googling the term turns up nothing but this very image. ;)

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Please read the description of this image again!

Hoshi, the Cat of two of my best friends just went over the rainbow bridge today and i painted this Nebula Cat as a tribute for their lost.

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I saw that but I guess dopey me didn't make the connection. Sorry. I'm dense sometimes.

I can relate to your friends' loss though; my dog crossed the same bridge over 40 years ago after being my best friennd all through my adolescence and I still grieve for him now and then. Though I am agnostic Ilike to imagine he's waiting for me to catch up to him.

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