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Hekla class USS Erebus

Model  USS ErebusLocation  SPACE
Hekla class starship USS Erebus.
Fun build i started in the beginning of 2020. A friend once made a rudimentary cardboard model of his roleplay ship, the USS Erebus. I gave it a try in 3d.
The Erebus should be a Lost Era spaceship, set between the time of the Excelsior class (2280s) and the Ambassador class (2340s). Its a workhorse cruiser size ship.
Mostly built by me, but i later used the engine section from David Metlesits Ambassador class, because i totally messed up my own build of it with all the windows, so i used his wonderfull model to spare me some nerves.

The Hekla class starship was a cruiser size line of workhorse ships in the early 24th century. Constructed in both, the Antares shipyards and Utopia Planitia the first three ships, the USS Hekla, USS Elbrus and USS Erebus were comissioned in 2327. All Hekla class ships were named after volcanoes.
The first concept of the Hekla class intended them to replace the aging Miranda and Constellation classes, and at the same time increasing their workload.
The Hekla class is 472 meters in length and operated mostly with a crewsize of around 560 beings. As a workhorse it was used as a multi-purpose ship capable of accomplishing almost any mission type it is sent out to do includes in-part:
- General transportation of passengers and cargo at faster speed as Cargo Transports, and over long-range distances
- A tractor beam powerful enough to tow ships many, many times larger than itself, and at warp speed
- the ability to beaming larger groups of people (or cargo), it can be used as a very effective evacuation vessel
- the independent construction of technical infrastructure on remote outposts
- first aid for planetary medical emergencies or damaged spaceships

The Hekla class was not built directly as a science ship, but like all ships in Starfleet of that time, it has basic scientific facilities and can be upgraded or expanded for scientific missions.
Hekla class ships are certainly not warships, but neither are they defenseless. Armed with two Photon Torpedo Launcher (one front, one aft firing) and 13 Twin Typ VIII Phaser Cannons, the ship is not an easy target.

Until the introduction of the Ambassador class about 10 years later, the Hekla class was primarily available for starbases for supply flights, patrols or as a basic workhorse.

Design by Sebastian Błażek
3d Model by Thomas Raube & David Metlesits
Rendered in 3d Max 10
Background image is a modified NASA Photo
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Cool looking ship!

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You're welcome!

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this is wonderful!

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Oh, that's nice. I like it.
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In some ways it reminds me of my Rostov class design XD Then again, it's like an early 24th Century version for another idea I had for a pre-TOS ship... Only with my idea, the nacelles would be positioned going upwards rather than downwards, haha
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I like it. This is awesome. I could see this as a ship of the Starfleet Border Patrol Service. The Lone Redshirt and Bry-Sinclair over at TrekBBS have written stories about the Bluefin and the Silverfin.

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Fabelhafte Arbeit !!

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Awesome image!

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You're welcoooome.

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Picard: I am impressed to see this ship still in service, Number One.

Riker: As a child, I read in an actual PAPER history book you served on one as a cadet. That was so many years ago...

Picard: ENOUGH!

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Great looking ship. I'm a fan of the Excelsior class bits. Nicely done.

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Pretty cool concept

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