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Federation Insignia class

USS Insignia with two escorts.

Class Overview:
The Insignia class is a late 24th century heavy cruiser of Starfleet. With around 560 meters it act as a successor of the aging Ambassador class or even the Galaxy class without her upgrades. The design grew out of the early proposals for a successor to the Galaxy class, including Project Nova. The concept incorporated several revolutionary design features that the initial project engineers had seen as the logical future of starship development. The design called for a saucer section composed of of wedge shaped modular segments that could easily be replaced as mission demands changed and new technologies became available.
Designed as heavy cruiser it is quite capable to replace the Galaxy as one of the more powerful ships in the fleet. After the war situation in the Alpha Quadrant had reassured in 2378/2379, research missions came within its mission too.

Because of its modular design, the Insignia-class features a unique deck plan. While any of the 8 modules can be removed and replaced with relative ease, the 6 modules that make up the port and starboard sides of the saucer are typically replaced.  Crew quarters and other recreational facilities are contained in the two remaining modules, and are typically replaced only as a last resort.

The Insignia-class entered service as the ultimate multi-purpose craft. The modular saucer segments provided a flexible platform that could adapt itself to a variety of different roles. While the modules are not as easily changed out as a Nebula-class pod, they provide a way for Starfleet to create craft from the same basic platform that can fill a multitude of different roles. In addition, the spaceframe could be retasked to those different roles with dry docking procedures that were substantially less time intensive then a full refit. The class can be completed in specialized configurations to support scientific, tactical, or even marine missions. However, most Insignia-class ships are built to a mutli-mission configuration to provide a well rounded platform for Starfleet exploratory missions.

Rendered in 3d Max 10
No Post Work
Background Nebula by NASA
Insignia class by MarkKingsnorth
Interceptor class by Dave Keeshan mavek-cg
Hornet by Cyrille 'Tachy' Lefevre

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Very impressive.

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A very original take on a multirole ship.

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Love the atmospheric lighting in this artwork excellent work

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You are welcome Heart deviantART Groups deviantART +fav 
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It's the Swiss Army Knife Class!
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I always wondered about the unique look of this ship. Now & know. Starfleet definitely expanded at the end of the 24 Century; Insignia, Ross refit, Excalibur & the Odyssey. They were definitely filling out their cruiser roles. Came in handy with the Romulan Disaster, Tal Shiar Spy Games & yet another Klingon War in the next 20 years. :3

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Wonderful.  I thought with the modules being able to be swapped out that a primary function of this class would be to transport cargo, medical supplies, even colonists and their equipment to new planets.  More than a cargo ship but it seems like a logical function for her specific design configuration.
fantastic work as always.
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Why wouldn't it have slipstream drive? Deployable ablative armor? Transphasic torpedoes?
Good artwork, but I don't like the ship or the new series:(
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You realize that this ship here has nothing to do with the Picard show? Its an old design made in 1991 for an possible Enterprise-E concept.
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Really? Sorry I thought it was the one Riker was in command of in star trek picard.
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That was the USS Zheng He of the Curiosity class what Riker commanded. I feel the same as you about it. It was poor modeled and dont like how it was used. Especially the copy/paste thing. I await much more in a 2020 show than copying the same ship hundreds of times to get the federation fleet. Its just lazy.
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Yeah, that was just laziness! They couldn't come up with anymore then one ship design? And yet there are hundreds of fan made ships, it would be cool to make some official!
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I may be wrong but last we saw of Riker and Troi was as Captain and Consular of the (then) new USS TITAN, a LUNA-CLASS heavy battlecruiser.  the Luna class was a design that was an offshoot of a refit design for the Sovereign class ships.  The design was a curious spin-off from other new designs that were on the drawing board at the same time as the Sovereign class but the Sovereign class ships were amongst the first to see actual production.  Many ideas from engineers in their glory designing all new ships for multiple purposes, including to survive and fight in heavy combat.  This was the same era as the DEFIANT class, The Valiant class, the INTREPID class and the Luna class ships along with this Insignia class.
Your welcome 🙏
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Wish Captain Riker brought this ship to rescue the synthetics.
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Yep, the scene wasnt what i expected. Every fan can made it better than these copy/paste fleet.
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As long as it wasn't the Odessey class.
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