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Excelsior and Enterprise-B

Whats better than a Excelsior class? A upgraded Excelsior class. Star Trek Icon

Here the USS Excelsior, class Prototype, together with the USS Enterprise-B one of the first refit versions of the Excelsior class. Enterprise sprite 

Rendered in 3d Max 10
Background painted in Paint Shop Pro 7
No Post Work
Excelsior by David Metlesits :iconthefirstfleet:
Enterprise-B by J. Cassio :iconbrstarship:

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captain Sulu said "captain long star date ????? after another successful mission party was short the unthinkable has happen again the enterprises A crew has lost another one...but not just another one my friend has past one gave his life to save the crew of the Enterprise B the Excelsior was order to help give the Enterprise B a escort home to for his going to miss him. so kirk it seams retirement is never planned for you to the death"

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The Excelsior design struck me from a young age, and although a lot of people thought the refit was kind of ugly, I couldn't help but find the the additions to the design to be a massive benefit to the overall style. The 1701-B might be one of the most unique and beautiful designs under the Enterprise name, in my opinion at the very least.
Would have been nice to see at least one season of Captain Harriman. How he rises to the occasions set forth upon him as Captain, how he and his crew live up to the name "Enterprise", and especially the personal struggle of his first flight having been the event which would historically be known as the day Captain James T. Kirk was killed by the energy ribbon that tore apart the SS Lakul.
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Wouldn't make sense to retroactively re-register the Excelsior as an NX instead of NCC, being a prototype? Anyway, enjoying this, they are very regal-looking, proud ships.

Also, as much as I like the between-series fillers, I also like how that allows for so much creativity to flourish and fill the gaps. For instance, while I'm glad to see these new, interesting ships in Discovery, there's do much... different about it that I can't consider it Star Trek. It's a good show, but it's too out of place.
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I dont know, why they change the NX registry. But probably because they were finished with the transwarp drive experiment and gave her the NCC registry in the aftermath.
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They look awesome! Also, it'll always seem to be a great injustice to me that we didn't see more of the era, with Sulu on the Excelsior and his daughter on the Enterprise. For bonus points, Tuvok was on the Excelsior at the same time a bridge officer played by Tim Russ. I could go for a Sulu-headed series where we occasionally see Demora and Tuvok gets to meet his clone. And Commander Rand would have been awesome, being as badass as first officers like Riker but also a team mom.
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It will not be called the Lost Era for nothing. We dont know much about the time bettween Star Trek 6 and TNG.
Unfortunaly they miss the opportunity to make a Captain Sulu series when George Takei were younger. Would totally watch it.
And even today, i can not really say i like the Abrams Universe, but a Captain Sulu movie or series is possible with John Cho. But it seems the Abrams Universe is dead after Star Trek 14 was canceled.
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The other day in the store I saw a box set of all three movies called "The complete trilogy" as if it was planned as only three for the start and thought of this. Yeah, it seems we won't see any more of these guys if even the people making the DVDs and Blu-Rays get to describe it as if it was already planned to only have three films from the start. 
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You think Quentin Tarantino's Trek movie will be made, and furthermore, should it?
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Not sure about it. We got soo much bad stuff in the recent years. The Abrams Movies, Disco. On the one hand i think he will bring some fresh ideas into Trek. On the other hand im afraid he made it some sort of gangster movie.
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That's the thing: a Quentin Tarantino movie isn't very Star Trek. Can you imagine long F- and N-bomb filled tirades coming from Mr. Spock? ...Admittedly, that'd be hilarious. Of course, I know he's talented enough to write more than one kind of movie, but then you get the same problem from another direction: a Star Trek story, even a bloody one, isn't very Tarantino. So... you can get a Tarantino movie that's nothing anyone goes to a Star Trek movie to see, or a Star Trek movie that's nothing anyone goes to a Tarantino movie to see. Is there a way to get it right?
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The USS Starhorse (Excelsior Class Prototype) and the USS Novosibirsk (Excelsior Class Refit) exploring the Xi Jinping sector. Hope you like my names :)
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As Picard would say, GRAND!!! Two of my all-time favorite ships! Amazing work!!! 
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¿What happened to Enterprise B?
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There is not much know about the history of the Enterprise-B.
One book tells she was later commanded by Demora Sulu and goes for the search of the missing USS Excelsior.
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all right =) could be a interesting history, cause Sulu traveled into Mirror Universe, i have the videogame when tells that history, where appearly some events from the original series occurs
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They work perfectly together.
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Great image!  And you have a great overall body of work here.  Keep up the good work!  
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