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Einstein Carrier

By Euderion
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Ready with texturing the Einstein class Carrier. So here a first image of the ship.

The ship design based on the Arcturus Station we see in the Comic "Mass Effect: Evolution". Unfortunatley the design in the comic doesnt match to the description we get from the ingame codex: a Bernal Sphere Ring Station similar to the Citadel. So i reuse the design, because it matched perfectly for a Alliance Carrier. So i present the Einstein class Carrier, a ship commissioned Years before the First Contact War, before the Mankind have knowledge about Alien Species.

The 940 meter long Einstein class is the oldest Carrier type in service of the Alliance military. It is built in 2149, eight years before the First Contact War with the Turians. Like the Everest class Dreadnought, only three of them were ever built. The Einstein, the Hawking and the Davis. The Einstein is a mobile Base and act as packhorse for the new human colonies and outposts which are etablished quickly after the discovery of the Charon Mass Relay. Her superior cargo capacity makes her a excellente transport ship for founding new colonies. To that time the ship doesnt have much military purpose, because there are no rival for the Systems Alliance beside a short period where the Einstein was stationed on Mars to fight a terrorist group called "Red Sand".
The Einstein class is a typical aircraft carrier with a hullsize hangarbay wich is with 800 m nearly the size of the ship itself. She carries several hundred Starfighter, Shuttles, Dropships, Tanks and armored vehicles as main armament. Her own weapons consist only of 8 Twin Hypervelocity-Railguns (mid Range) to guard the entry lanes of the Hangardecks and a dozen of GARDIAN Laser
(low Range) to deflect enemy rockets or Intercept Fighters.

Hannah Shepard, Commander Shepards Mother served on the SSV Einstein which responded to the Mindoir raid by the Batarians in 2170.

After the First Contact War the Alliance use the experiences they made to replace the Einstein class with the new Tereshkova carrier.
Since the Einstein carrier did not fall under the treaty of farixen, they left them in service as reserve units.

Built and rendered in 3d Max 10
Mass Effect is (c) by Bioware & EA

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reis1989Hobbyist Digital Artist
your works are inspiring.
I have been modeling some alliance ships for a while and I made a Carrier model bases on your 'Sagan' design. 
I would like to show her on DA if you say OK .
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EuderionHobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, of course, show them!
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reis1989Hobbyist Digital Artist
thanks! will do..
just need some extra works.
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Vakarian301Student Artist
shouldn't the color be red and not blue if it was like way before the reaper war? :) 
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EuderionHobbyist Digital Artist
Actually yes! But i changed the color to blue matching to all my other models ive made. Like there are all in actual service to the ME3 time.
Bioware change the color in ME3 to differentiate the Human ships from the Turian ships who both wear red in Me1 and 2.
Some fans speculate if the colors are Fleet marks. Red for the first fleet, blue for second and so on. Maybe a ingame explanation for the colors.
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i thought Shepards mother captained the SSV Kilimanjaro which was a Kilimanjaro-class Dreadnought?
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EuderionHobbyist Digital Artist
Not quite. She was first Officer of the SSV Kilimanjaro. In the Reaper War she get the command of the Kilimanjaro class Dreadnought SSV Orizaba.
Before these two post she was stationed on the SSV Einstein.
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