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Doctor Onaris

A Photo we could made during the shooting of one of our Star Trek Euderion Fanfilms. Here you have Doctor Leonora Onaris, the Chief of Medical on the USS Euderion.

Doctor Onaris is a Betazoid / Orion hybrid with dominate Betazoid genes. Formerly a close sympathizer of the Maquis she found refuge in federation territory when the Dominion systematecially destroyed the Maquis bases inside the Badlands. During the Dominion War she opened a Hospital on Planet Risa.
During a brief visit on Risa, the crew from the USS Euderion recognized her medical talent and recruited her to the ships's medical crew. Starfleet still lacking officers because of the devastating Dominion War soon gave her a official officer's patent as Chief of Medical and a field promotion to Ensign.
Her full Character profile is here (german only):…

You can watch her in our latest Fanfilm "The Sins of our Fathers" which was released for the Star Trek Day on September 8th, 2020:

"Euderion" is a small german group of fanfilm enthusiasts who creates short films on a regular base. We are not professionals and mostly operate on a low- to no-budget level, where the focus is on having fun with the material. The story revolves around the Starfleet ship USS Euderion and her crew. In keeping with the basic idea of Star Trek, we try to reflect in our storylines the current world events and the positive future that Gene Roddenberry once invented.

Background by Stage9
Composition by Thomas Raube in Paint Shop Pro 7
Lighting in Adobe After Effects CS6
Photo by Sebastian Bittins aka Stargazer1987 
Cosplayer: Sabrina Bittins
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Congratulations YOu are all studio. I like so much.

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Beautiful girl I like so much the tale! Congratulations!

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Wonderful work as always Thomas!

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Thank you very much!

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Your welcome 🙏
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You knew I was going to send this reply back in 1962?

I just got it now...

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