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Curry class Shuttlecarrier

A Curry class starship with some fighters. I made this a while ago in 2008.

The Curry appears in some later DS9 Episodes and was one ship of the Frankenstein Fleet like the Yeager, or Medusa classes.
Named after Dan Curry, a visual effects producer and supervisor in Star Trek The next Generation and Deep Space Nine.

The studio model USS Curry (NCC-42254) was built by, and named after Visual Effects Supervisor Dan Curry. The kitbash model was constructed from the saucer section and engineering hull from the AMT/Ertl USS Excelsior model kit, and the warp nacelles and pylons from the USS Reliant model kit. Curry noted on his build, "We had to do a fleet of damaged ships. We got together (Gary Hutzel, and other people from Image G) and we kitbashed Star Trek models in ways that they were never meant to be put together. Just for fun each person who built a ship named it after him or her self. The USS Curry is not supposed to be a specific class, just a model I threw together."

The Curry class is not to be confused with the Raging Queen type. The USS Raging Queen had a similar component build, but the saucer section lays a bit more on the front of the ship and the warp nacelles are flipped to the side.

Rendered in 3d Max 7
Curry Mesh by Eric Peterson and Felipe Abrigo
Viper and Warhammer Fighter by Andrew J. Hodges

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So when I was a kid I used to splice models, I guess because deep down I will always be some kind of mad scientist type thing, and one of the results was a ship that looked like this.

Behold, that design ended up coming true. Did I create something without anyone informing me? Or was it just an easy design for a mind to have come up with? Either way, if there's one thing I can say for sure... Is that it fully embodies the saying that there is no exceptional beauty without an air of strangeness to it. 
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Ah yes the Curry class, or to give it's full name the Stick-an-Excelsior-in-a-blender-and-see-what-comes-out class :D
Jokes aside nice work on this, the fighters give a nice sense of the size of the ship and gives it a protector feel.
The angle and focus of the prow makes it feel powerful, like it could ram straight through enemy lines without a scratch.

I actually unironically love the kitbash designs and the Curry may be my favourite (followed closely after with the Yeager)
Glad to see the abominations getting some love :D
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The Curry class grows alot on me over the time. Its a nice concept for a carrier starship.
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I recently got my hands on the Eaglemoss replica of this ship.  Like so many of the classes in the "kitbash fleet," she's not very pretty at all, but for some weird reason my inner Excelsior fanboy still finds her charming in some odd sense.  Dan's comments are repeated in the magazine that came with the model and the text makes it seem like the ship was meant to be a one-off vessel hurriedly built from spare parts.
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I have to say, the Curry class grows alot on me. Yes, she is ugly as hell, but thats actually a lot of starships in the scifi universes and that doesnt matter. Like someone says, "form follows function" and for a carrier, she doesnt have to be streamlined or such.
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Huh, I never noticed this ship.
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Its seen in the Deep Space Nine Episode "A time to stand". One ship of the damaged fleet in the Dominion War.
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Neato, thanks.
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Cool sci-fi fan art. Excellent Shuttlecarrier!
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You are welcome, for the feedback. Have a great week! :)
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Now that's pretty cool!
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You're quite welcome!
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I modeled this ship in :iconlegoplz:; have a look.…
the shape of ths ship reminds me of the absolution from toonami
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Never heard of this.
thought this was a Shelly class
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Is this the USS Raging Queen?
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The Raging Queen or an other ship of the Curry class.
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