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Cerritos and Titan - Lower Decks

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New Teaser for the second season of Star Trek Lower Decks is out so i just wanted to make something related. Love this show. For me the only current Star Trek Show that deserve my attention. Disco and Picard was rather meh... What we've seen in these two series is no longer the friendly, utopian universe that made me love Star Trek. So I found it gratifying that for Lower Decks they returned to episodic stories in which optimism and fun are in the foreground.

Rendered in 3d Max 10
No Post Work
California & Luna class models by David Metlesits thefirstfleet 
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What Is This Even? 1

We have a shipment of Picard action figures that must be delivered through the Neutral Zone.

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The Cerritos is as design that has definitely grown on me over my many rewatches of Lower Decks.

Brilliant work!

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Very nice. Are you also looking forward to Strange New Worlds?

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I have a bit hope, yes. Episodic storylines, sympatic characters, now we only need to fire Alex Kurtzman to give the job to someone who cares, like Mike McMahan in Lower Decks.

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