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Cardassians Ninth Order

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The Cardassian Union Ninth Order fleet.

The ninth order was set up in the middle of the 24th century as a patrol and exploration fleet, which is why it initially consisted almost exclusively of smaller classes of ships such as the Hideki, Ermac, Rasilak or Vystan classes. After the occupation of Bajor and increasing militarization due to tension with the Federation or terrorist attacks on the part of the Bajorans, the Ninth Order was converted into a Heavy Weapons Unit. During the Dominion War, heavier Galor Type III cruisers added to the fleet, and also the new Runor class destroyers, the Cardassians direct response to the Akira class of Starfleet.
In the late Dominion War detachments from this order, according to Damar's speech at the start of the Cardassian Rebellion, attacked the Dominion outposts and cloning facility on Rondac III.

Rendered in 3d Max 10
No Post Work
Background Nebula painted in Paint Shop Pro 7
Galor & Runor parts by David Metlesits thefirstfleet
Hideki by EBOLII

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nice i love the Runor class. do you think you'll make an orthos for it?

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they look like fish, lol

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Predator and prey

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Can never have enough Kardashians.

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I prefer the Cardassians.

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exactly, they seem more reasonable

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So do I actually.

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looks awesome!!

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Star Trek Sisko Facepalm

I am positive you appreciate all these holosuite customers, Quark.

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Runor class, its seems Cardassians love their Galors so much they made another variant of it, after Keldon.

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Never touch a running system. If a design works, why change it, just build upon it. :-)

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Well thats true, look at the Klingons, they have BoP's for two centuries, yes its easy to destroy but its cheap, need small crew and can be built in mass. If it works it stays:)i wish Starfleet learn that!.

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