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Cardassian Heavy Station

Semora type starbase of the cardassian Union.
These stations are the primary shipbuilding and repair facilities inside cardassian space. Semora stations are heavily guarded with at least one cardassian Millitia fleet. The Station itself is also armed with plasma torpedos and Spiral Wave Disruptors.
Well known Semora stations are the Kelvas V Starbase, or the Monac Shipyards.
These stations were able to attach multiple drydock modules on the outer structure, so one station were able to support the construction of up to 35 capital size ships like the Galor, Kulinor or Keldon classes, and up to 60 fighter size ships such as the Hideki or Vystan classes.

Rendered in 3d Max 10
No Post Work
Galor & Keldon class by David Metlesits thefirstfleet 
Hideki by EBOLII
Station by Iron Eagle Maverick

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That thing certainly is imposing.

If appearances alone are anything to go by, this station's firepower might put DS9's in the shade.

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Probably yes. DS9 was an old ore rafinery which was later upgraded by Starfleet. But the Semora stations were military grade from the beginning. The klingons lost even whole fleets in the try to destroy the Monac shipyards.
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Great work mate! 😁👍
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Thank you very much!
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It looks so evil...awesome😎
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Yes, It was really nice when DS9 brought Cardassian arc, architecture and design.

Certainly more unique than Klingon and more funky than clean lines of Federation/Romulans.
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Federation: "Look at that pretty comet!"
Cardassians: Think they're playing Stellaris.
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I love the background. Gives it an epic, yet beautiful look.
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i'd love some tech specs on this!
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There is not much tech specs for this kind of Station. We only saw them twice in Deep Space Nine, but never really in action. We only knew, these sort of station must be heavily armed and guarded, because the klingons lost 30 percent of the fleet trying to destroy the Monac station and doing nearly no damage.
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or the station being a major shipyard simply had a shit ton of guard ships.
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Neat.  When I clicked on the thumbnail for this, I didn't read the title and didn't realize at first that it was a piece of Star Trek fanart, but the design definitely made me think of DS9.  
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That space station looks angry...let's blow it up!
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Space, of course.
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Hi ,Euderion! So great.I love all about spade, cosmic, astronomy, ..astroships, captains....
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Cardassian craft are some of my favorite in Star Trek 
Way better than Federation 
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Eat your heart out, Terok Nor!

Also, I love those Galor-class warships!
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all hail the cardassian union!  :D
Martok: *ominous laughter*
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