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Captain Picard Day

Happy Captain Picard Day my fellow Trekkies!

Since 2007, fans have celebrated Captain Picard Day on June 16th of each year, because that date is equivalent to Stardate 47457.1, which is mentioned in the TNG episode "The Pegasus" in which the school children celebrates Captain Picard Day on the USS Enterprise. 

Few pop culture characters are as heroic, honorable or moral as Captain Jean-Luc Picard, the famed captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise-D. A philosopher, historian and truth-seeker, Picard followed his innate goodness and became a champion on the side of right. He stuck to his principles and refused to budge, even at the cost of his own career. Many say he is the ultimate role model of Starfleet.

Made with Paint Shop Pro 7 and 3d Max 10.
Galaxy class USS Enterprise-D model by David Metlesits thefirstfleet

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I prefer to remember Picard as he was... not as his show has made him.

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Yep, feel the same.

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"I don't know. I think the resembalance is rather striking, wouldn't you agree Number One." - Riker's Picard Doll. ;P

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"You've got it all wrong, It's never about possession, it's about power, the power to control your own life" "That kind of control is an illusion" "Is it now? I am here, right now, I should be dead"

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A silly quote by a great fictional man :)

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Star Trek Riker Facepalm

That's not what he said in private over our poker game.

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*Derisive snort*

I wonder, did Alex Kurtzman pay Sir Patrick 30 pieces of silver for his utter and complete selling out of his character and the Star Trek franchise in total?

lol Kurtzman revived the Star Trek franchise, it's stronger than ever.

Patrick was happy to come back.

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If by "revived", you mean completely moving away from Roddenberry's vision of the future and the fundamental elements of what made Star Trek unique among its science fiction peers in portraying an optimistic view of that future without hammering its audience over the head with current political polemics and histrionics, and hiring writers/producers who are NOT remotely knowledgeable with science fiction literature and basic science. If by "stronger", you mean, gaslighting the fandom with the lie that STD, et. al will line up with canon, with radicalizing Kurtzman Trek supporters in going out of their way to attack non-supporters on social media, sure - Kurtzman has really made the franchise "stronger".

Patrick Stewart never wanted to come back to Trek - he's on record multiple times in saying as much. Until they waved a big fat paycheck in front of his face and suddenly, he got religion about reprising his role as Picard.

He liked what they proposed, it wasn't just the money.

Discovery and all the new shows line up fine with existing canon.

Star Trek has always beat people over the head with current politics since the 60s.

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"He liked what they proposed, it wasn't just the money."

It was mostly the money that brought back Sir Patrick, though. And the complete deconstruction of Picard into this hollowed-out caricature was ALL Sir Pat's idea. And some of Michael Chabon's. But mostly Sir Patrick's.

"Discovery and all the new shows line up fine with existing canon."

No, they don't. There is literally no fealty to visual canon in any way, shape or form to what's come before. We KNOW how Starfleet looked in the 2250's. The "future history" of Star Trek was based on a Kennedy-era extrapolation of what they thought the future would be. That is the core aesthetic of Star Trek. Instead, STD has holograms, the Klingons now look like orcs from LotR and the ship has a magical mushroom spore drives. Everything is dark and brutal looking. There is none of the beauty and grace of Matt Jeffries design of the classic Enterprise in the Discovery or in any ship designed by John Eaves. The world presented in STD and the spinoffs is ugly and dystopic.

"Star Trek has always beat people over the head with current politics since the 60s."

No, it didn't. The stories about then-modern politics or cultural changes were always couched in allegory and presented neutrally. The stories didn't preach to viewers to think only one way like they do now but rather encouraged them HOW to think and to discuss with each other what their take-away from the episode was about. Star Trek now, sadly is about pushing whatever agenda the writers and producers think is relevant so they can virtue signal to their hearts content that they're all woke or whatever.

Yeah, and then in "Picard" apparently you have people living in trailers on drugs (Wheras before it was confrimed to be a utopia) everyone is angry and hates everyone else. saved Borg are tortured for... reasons?

Man, thinking about what Secret hideout did to Star Trek in Discovery and Picard really pisses me off.

I miss the days when this was stated and we believed it... because in that world it was real.

There is nothing in Picard that says the Federation isn't still a utopia, and remember most of season 1 took place outside of the Federation. None of non-utopian stuff took place inside Federation space (outside of the Mars attack)

Raffi was just going through a tough time and refused help. The way she lived was a choice, because of her anxiety and conspiracy theory (that turned out to be right). We also never saw the inside of her home. She probably still had a replicator and comfortable livings.

Yes she was upset Picard didn't check on her in the last 15 years.

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"There is nothing in Picard that says the Federation isn't still a utopia..."

I think this is not right. We have seen a lot of things that have put the Federation on a dark path. The Federation has created a slave race out of androids. The Federation has refused to help the Romulans, some member worlds have even threatened to withdraw from the Federation if one should help the Romulans. The Federation is becoming increasingly isolistic and no longer cares what happens outside of its borders. That no longer corresponds to the utopian set of values of the federation that we got to know earlier.

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The new writers doesnt understand the message behind Star Trek. They want cheap action dramas without a deeper message. Its really sad.

Yeah, you're wrong. They understand it fine. They just choose to show it in a different way than past shows.

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Yes, they *did* understand. They understood the message well enough to learn how to ignore it or circumvent it at their leisure to preach to their audience.

I wonder if Picard read Ulysses, given that June 16th is Bloomsday too...?

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Oh yes, he read it. In the Episode Captains Holiday this was one of his books which he took with him to Risa.

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Ich fühle mich geehrt, dass ich meinen Geburtstag mit diesem großen Captain der Sternenflotte teile. Ebenso wie mit seinem Darsteller. :)

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