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Broadside Storm

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The Broadside power of an Kilimanjaro class Dreadnought.

In the Reaper War, the Kilimanjaro Dreadnoughts were the heaviest units the Systems Alliance possess. With a near 900 m long main Mass Accelerator weapon, multiple Torpedo launchers and 156 Broadside Guns no sane commander would mess with her. For defense, the Kilimanjaro-class employs GARDIAN point defense lasers and kinetic barrier shields strong enough to withstand fire of cruiser size starships at ease. Before the development of the Disruptor Torpedos only other Dreadnought size ships were able to crack down a Kilimanjaro's defense.
Kilimanjaro ships
were specially built to outmatch every Turian ship the human military faced in the First Contact War. A couple of years, the Kilimanjaro was besides the Salarian or Asari Dreadnoughts the strongest ship class in the Citadel sector until the Turians followed with the new Vulture Dreadnought.
Fleet Admiral Steven Hackett commands the class leader SSV Kilimanjaro during the Reaper War which acted as leader ship for the "Shield fleet" to protect the Crucible. Captain Hanah Shepard, Mother of Commander Shepard, commands a Kilimanjaro class Dreadnought too, the SSV Orizaba.
The Systems Alliance has constructed six Kilimanjaro-class dreadnoughts to the time of the Reaper War in 2186: SSV Kilimanjaro, SSV Shasta, SSV Logan, SSV Tai Shan, SSV Aconcagua, and SSV Orizaba. Alliance dreadnoughts are typically named for mountains on Earth.

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Commissioning: 2181
Class: Kilimanjaro
Type: Dreadnought
Length: 1000 meters
Height: 154 meters (with antennas)
Width: 268 meters
Crew: 1250 + 375 Marines


- Primary: One 890 meter long spinal Mass Accelerator Gun, 1 belly mounted Nuclear missile launcher
- Secundary: 156 Mass Accelerator Broadside Guns (105 meters long, 78 each side)
- Tertiary: 4 Heavy Javelin Torpedo Launchers ("Giant Killer" class), 22 Broadside Missile Launchers, 46 Point Defense MAC Turrets, 20 Broadside Disruptor Torpedo Launcher


- GARDIAN Defense: GARDIAN Laser Node Network (196 lenses),
8 Anti-Fighter Missile Pod Launcher
- Ablative Armor (2,4 meter Titanium hull + 1,2 meter shock absorbing foam)
- 20 cm Advance Diamond Lattice Armor on critical areas such as the bridge and the weapon housings (a first emulation of the Asari Silaris Armor, but the immense costs
forced the alliance engineers to apply the armor only in strategically important places)
- Multicore Kinetic Barrier Shields


- 375 Marines (15 Teams a 25 Soldiers)
- 50 ELINT (
ELectronic INTelligence) reconnaissance drones
- 200 Assault Drones
- 4 Mantis Gunships
- 15 Kodiak Dropshuttles
- 25 SX3 Interceptors
- 4 Bumblebee Bomber
- 2 M-29A Grizzly Tanks
- 4
M-35 Mako Tanks
- 6
M-44 Hammerhead Tanks

Models by Thomas Raube (me)
Rendered in 3d Max 10
Post Work in Paint Shop Pro 7 & Adobe After Effects CS6
Mass Effect is (c) by Bioware & EA

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Okay that looks glorious  Why couldn't they have a shot like that in ME3? 
Thank you for sharing.
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EuderionHobbyist Digital Artist
ME3 had much more potential. But with the rushing end and the more and more influence of EA Mass Effect dies a slow death.
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I love Mass Effect, First game was quite good, second to me was best in trilogy and longest. Third, i was quite dissapointed. It was short, rushed, and ending was crap even the new improved cinemantic variant was crap. If only they didn't rush with it and make it better. But again what really killed Mass Effect was Andromeda five years later. That killed the franchise. Despite rumors that Bioware may start making new game.

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So sadly true.
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tris09Student Digital Artist
Nicht schlecht! :)
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EuderionHobbyist Digital Artist
Danke sehr! :salute: 
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EradifyerAOHobbyist Digital Artist
This is really impressive!
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EuderionHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you!
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EuderionHobbyist Digital Artist
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ThessianCGHobbyist Digital Artist
Nice railgun barrage.

Wonder what is on the receiving end. ;) (Wink) 
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EuderionHobbyist Digital Artist
The Reaper. The big red beams are Reaper main guns.
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Your renderings of starships (in every genre) are always amazing. The only minor issue I saw was the Defense listing of Silaris armor, which reportedly "remains prohibitively expensive to coat starships or aircraft larger than fighters". With the war and rebuilding the fleets afterwards, it's doubtful the Alliance would spring for that on a dreadnought. Still an impressive display of Alliance firepower.
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EuderionHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks, you are right with the Silaris Armor. Will see how i can change the description later.
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One hell of a space battle that really shows off the immense firepower of a Kilimanjaro-class dreadnought.
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EuderionHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you!
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Now that's what I call a space battle.
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EuderionHobbyist Digital Artist
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You're welcome.
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