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Asteroidring Planet Stock

Planet Stock image, Alpha Channel rendered png without background for easy use in Photoshop or similar programs

You are free to use this stock image for your own publication as long you give credits to the creator with a link back to the artist page "" or a link to the Stockimage itself.

Rules for using my Stock

--> Please give credits on your art or the description. (My Deviant-Art Link: )
--> Send me a link back with what you have done via comment on the used stock.


Please, dont steal and dont claim as your own work.
If you want more stocks for space scenery, look at my Dev-Art Gallery.

If you found my Stock-Arts usefull, im happy about some dA Points. Even a single point keep the flow going.

Use download function for the fullsize PNG image in 4400 x 2750 pixel!


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Very nice image. And sort of prophetic too. One day in the far future Mars will have a ring like this when Phobos spirals into Mars' Roche limit and breaks up. The resulting ring wont be anywhere as impressive though as Phobos is pretty tiny already... smaller than most of these asteroids appear to be.

Now, if Phobos was the size of Ceres or Vesta...

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awsome stock image, thanks a million buddy

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Thankyou so much for providing your stock! 

I used/credited you in my recent devation and on my facebook page:…

Uwe Kroeger | Wallpaper/Photomanipulation by DDxxCrew
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Thank you very much!
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very cool stock image :D
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you're welcome :D
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Sweet. Thanks. =D 
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The planet itself has a lot in common with Mars. Did you start with an image of that in mind?
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Yes, i use a black and white Mars map and colored it a bit more lifelike.
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Awesome.  Thanks for doing this for the rest of us.  :)
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