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Alliance Seventh Fleet

By Euderion
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The Seventh Fleet was stationed near Eden Prime at the time of the Reaper invasion in 2186. Instead of being directly engaged in battle, the Reapers bypassed the Seventh Fleet entirely on their way to Earth.

Rendered in 3d Max 10
Post Work in Paint Shop Pro 7
Mass Effect is (c) by Bioware & EA

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So is than an original or did you just put models onto a background?
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What exactly do you want to know.
I painted the Space scene (nebula) in Paint Shop Pro. The planet is a photo from Earth done by NASA. I do a color correction and some clouds in 3d Max 10.
The ship models are extracted form the Mass Effect 3 game. I remodeled some of the parts and converted them so i can use them in 3dMax.
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Well what do you mean by extract a model?
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On this specially case above, the ships come from the Game Mass Effect 3. You can go into the game files and search for the ingame model. After that, you convert the file so it works with basic 3d programs. So you extract a file from the game.
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Coming to save the day, and be stylish while doing it.
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Just gorgeous highly detailed models. Damn I'm Jealous.
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Thanks! Not so detailed as i wish, but its nice to work with them.
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Are those from the game? I'm trying to get my hands on as many ME models in.obj format as possible for an pen and paper rpg I'm creating, and I can convert almost anything except .max
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Yep these are the game model. I have them in .max files.
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Ah, sadly that is one of the few formats I can't convert.
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I work almost only with 3d Max, so i dont have another file.
But, if you can convert .mesh files maybe this model can help you:
Human Cruiser and Space Sphere by nach77
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Sorry not in the list of compatible formats...I use Poseray to convert files from other programs to .obj/.mtl files .max isn't one of them although I have 3dsMax 2015 and it may be possible to save a.max file as a 3ds file but I'm not sure.  
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Love these shots.
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