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Alliance Destroyers - Nelson Mk2 class

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Two Nelson class Destroyer of the Systems Alliance. The class Prototype SSV Nelson and one of her sistership, the SSV Crixus.

Destroyer type vessels are typically midsize starships with the agility and speed of an Frigate and firepower more closer to an cruiser. With that, they are able to quick hit and run maneuvers even against bigger starships like Heavy cruisers or Dreadnoughts. They are good shielded with Mass Effect Barriers, but they lack heavy armor which why they often need support from Cruisers which can draw the fire upon themself.

The Nelson class is 533 meter in length and the largest Destroyer type vessel the System Alliance currently own. Commissioned in 2182 to the same time as the Envoy class Diplomatic Escort with which the Nelson share some design elements.
In the Reaper War, Nelson Destroyers were often used for Guerilla tactics to keep the invaders busy and
to delay the advance of the enemy troops.
The Nelson class is well known as the first Alliance ship that was equipped in series with
ultraviolet antiship GARDIAN lasers, which are more expensive and energy demanding than standard infrared lasers, but more effective in range and power. A factor that made the Nelson class extremely valuable in the Reaper War, as they were able to keep the Oculi drones at bay.
The Nelson is one of the most technologic advanced ships of the Alliance and represent the maxime "Cunning over muscles" and is therefore the exact opposite of the Razor class, a destroyer type that was developed a year later which was more used for brute force.
Destroyer type vessels in the Systems Alliance are usually named after military leader. The Nelson class is named after Horatio Nelson
a British naval commander and national hero, famous for his naval victories against the French during the Napoleonic Wars.

After the Reaper War, the Systems Alliance refitted the Nelson class with additional armor plates and with new gained tech such as advanced sensors or Thanix cannons learned from the Reapers. These Mk2 Destroyers formed a future backbone of the Alliance fleet beside the York class cruisers.

Build and rendered in 3d Max 10
No Post Work
Mass Effect is (c) by Bioware & EA

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Impressive work, Euderion for PRESIDENT!!

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And so begins the dawn of the Imperium XD

These ships are awesome, but look so 40K

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Huh, the razor looks more "cunning" and the this one more "brutal", since it looks more like a WH40K ship.

Just love the bows of these. Really emphasize the "brute force" bit!

Just awesome! Well done

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